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Idiots Of The Web – Volume 8

Volume 8

I’m been on a writing rampage over the last 24 hours and I’m going to keep going. I’m also working on two Random Thoughts On Metal Edge so that outta make you pricks happy.

I haven’t done an Idiots Of The Web in a while, so for you old school Sludgeaholics, you’ll probably enjoy this. I think this is long overdue because I’ve come to believe that Slaughter fans aren’t the stupidest fans on the net. That honor belongs to the fine folks at the Motley Shout Board. I think if Nikki Sixx told these people to find their closest freeway, sit in the middle of traffic, pour gasoline on their entire body, and light themselves on fire, I’m pretty sure about 99% of the people on these boards would do so. The other 1% wouldn’t have time to do that because they’d be too busy taping pictures of Vince Neil (from 1983) to their bedroom walls.

After I gave Vince my F.U. Award yesterday, like most things I post, I immediately forgot about it. I figured anybody with common sense would understand what I was saying and who could argue with it? How could anybody defend Vince? He called his fans LOSERS!

What is there to defend? Well I obviously underestimated the stupidity at the Motley Shout Board, because they still tried to defend him anyway. Here are a few posts:


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Metal Sludge Gives Vince An FU Award!!
08/17/02 07:56 PM

Check it out here .
Normally i find the Sludge quite funny, but this is just totally unecessary and uncalled for!!!!
Vince – your TRUE fans understand and support you wholeheartedly!!!
Everyone (MWO) – feel free to send the Sludge emails giving THEM an F.U.!!!!!!!!

The mWo? Is that supposed to be the Motley World Order? And how old are you? But if I must stoop to your level, I’ll put our Sludge Mafia up against your mWo any day of the week. So take that!!!

I guess if you are a TRUE fan then it’s ok for Vince to shit on you after you paid $25 to see him. I guess if you were in the crowd in Steamboat Springs and Vince called you a loser, you’d go, "Hey, I understand Vince. We weren’t singing along like we should and we deserve this fate. We’re not even worthy of your presence." What type of fucking values were you raised on? Vince was a dick and has been a dick for quite a while. I love all the Motley records from "Too Fast For Love" through "Dr. Feelgood" but I’m not so blind that I can’t see that Vince is a dick. I’ve said plenty about Sebitchian over the years, but as far as I know he’s never played only 20 minutes and left the stage in a fuss because people weren’t singing. Oh sure, he might throw a bottle at you, but at least he’ll perform a full show!


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Re: Metal Sludge Gives Vince An FU Award!! [re: Dansstar]
08/17/02 08:55 PM

Ok, all together now, METAL SLUDGE SUCKS!!!! They said some very unecessary things!! As a member of the Motley Crue Shout boards, I give Metal Sludge a big F.U.

I don’t know if you should be posting on the Motley Board since the Milwaukee police are looking for you. They took an inventory of Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment and they were short one asshole.
I suggest you turn yourself in.


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Re: Metal Sludge Gives Vince An FU Award!! [re: Dansstar]
08/17/02 11:35 PM

Hey! That sucks! Fuck them. (And might I add that I totally take offense at that part about girls who still dig Vince.)


Kathy, I dislike you, but not with any real intensity since you’re so easily ignored.


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Re: Metal Sludge Gives Vince An FU Award!! [re: Dansstar]
08/18/02 03:00 AM

OMFG, I can’t believe their nerve, someone has a bad day and they talk about him like that. Why don’t they pick on someone who deserves it. I think Vince is cute and is a talented musician. This Ozzy Stillborne is a real joke and if he ever met Vince face to face this Stillborne dork would turn and run and his pants would be falling down because all the piss and shit would be weighing them down.

Well Japanka, I think you’re wrong. Vince would never meet me face to face. He’d simply drive up to me, jump out of his car when I wasn’t looking, and repeatedly punch me in the face. Then he’d hop back into his car and drive away. I guess that’s how he likes to do it. So I really wouldn’t have time to shit or piss in my pants. But thanks for your concern.


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Re: Metal Sludge Gives Vince An FU Award!! [re: Dansstar]
08/18/02 03:03 AM

Oh, did the zit faced geeks over at Metal Sludge put away the Dungeon and Dragons and crawl out of their mom’s basement long enough to dice up a real man? Hey Metal Sludge, the next time you’re sitting in your room jerking off to a picture of some hot chick just remember he’s probably the guy that’s fuckin’ her! So FUCK YOU!

Did this Canuck just say that I had zits? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, TAKE IT BACK!!! I DON’T HAVE ZITS!!! How could you be so cruel? My complexion is perfect! Really! I use Oxy 10! Please, take it back!!! I’ll be good, just don’t tell people I have zits!

What the fuck is that shit? Zits? Dungeon and Dragons? Am I supposed to be insulted? Is that supposed to put me in my place? The post is a mind numbing irrelevance. What exactly is your purpose? Perhaps your whole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others. To show people what can happen if you don’t use birth control, or maybe what can happen to you if you put your swing set a little too close to a brick wall. In that case, I’ll let you go and move on. Thank you for your warning.


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Re: Metal Sludge Gives Vince An FU Award!! [re: deweysunshine]
08/18/02 06:38 AM

I have found in the past that it’s a waste of my time reading Metal Sudge. I just wasted to much of my time reading that shit. I feel that the person with no self esteem is the person that wrote the articale, and hate to call it that. I found it more of a jealous ranting and raving then anything else.

Articale? Did I write an articale? No, I believe I wrote an article. I also believe Ohio State is in Columbus so you might want to enroll and take some English courses. Thanks.


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Re: Metal Sludge Gives Vince An FU Award!! [re: Kramberry]
08/18/02 09:36 AM

You all amaze me. Metal Sludge is a great site for metal fans who have a sense of humor. If Vince called his fans "losers" and walked out on the show, he totally deserves an FU award. I don’t care what kind of a day you’re having for whatever reason, you don’t shit on your fans.

Finally, somebody with a clue! It’s good to see that at least there are a few people who can think on their own. You know, you’d think more people would think this way. No matter how much I like a band or something, I’m not that much of a sheep to automatically defend them no matter what they do. It’s called being an individual.

It wouldn’t even have been that bad had Vince just cut the show short and not said anything, but to call your fans losers and act like a baby, then that’s where the bitch slap comes into place. I really didn’t think it would be that hard to figure out, but I guess the sheep on the Motley board don’t know any better.

Hooligan #1

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Re: Metal Sludge Gives Vince An FU Award!! [re: Dansstar]
08/18/02 09:54 AM

I’m not above slamming idiots who trash the band, but Metal Sludge is…well….Metal Sludge. The idiots over there never have anything good to say about anything or anyone.

By having the mWo head over there it would only be giving the ass clowns the publicity and attention they want.

Fuck ‘em.

Well Hooligan, believe it or not, we don’t need publicity or attention from a few goofs at the Motley board. That’s not going to have any effect on us whatsoever. The publicity and attention we get from VH-1, MTV, Rolling Stone, and Spin Magazine is good enough! And if you read our site, you’d find that we’ve said plenty of good things about a lot of bands, including Motley Crue. Why do you think Nikki Sixx sits around his house wearing a Metal Sludge Hoodie? Is it because he hates us? Buy a fucking clue.

In honor of these posts, I’m presenting them all with this:

I did get many emails backing the F.U.Award, like this one:

Dug the rant and the bit on Vince Neil with the FU award. Hey, I salute anybody who made it in this world whether pop star or businessman or actor or teacher-God bless us all. But that bullshit about walking out on fans and insulting them is crap. Years ago I went to a show and the jackass performer was so fucked up he walked through the set barely and obviously couldn’t have cared less about the fans at the show. You remember that nonsense.

It’s time that middle aged 41+ performers stop acting like it’s the 80’s and they’re what they were back then. It’s sad. It’s embarrassing. It’s pathetic. Getting older gracefully is a challenge to us all but even more so if you’re addicted to the drug of ego and attention.

Good piece on the FU award.

Well put.

I’m out like common sense,


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