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Idiots Of The Web, Volume 1



Volume 1

You know, I visit a few other sites on the web and the amount of stupidity I come across is mind blowing. Deaf one eyed mongoloids have more of a clue than some of these people running these sites. It is scary to think these people have the ability to reproduce. Here is some stuff being said about us on some of these message boards at various sites. Now we enjoy all the publicity we get, but some of this is just so hilarious we have to comment. Let’s start off with this:

"they do a parody on Tommy’s sister…SHE HAS CANCER! Those people are ignorant assholes…"

This inbred candy ass is using words he has no idea what they mean. We said in a previous post that Tommy’s sister looks like Susan Powter. However, that is merely a comment, an opinion. We did not do a "parody" on Tommy’s sister. That makes no sense at all. A parody is a nonsensical imitation of a literary or muscial style of work. For example, Metal Sludge could be called a parody of Metal Edge. "Weird" Al does parodies. Saying someone looks like somone else is an opinion. And saying the person who wrote that is a candy ass is actually a fact. So who is the ignorant asshole now, fuckhead? (That is a question, not a parody.)

"Your jealousy sickens me! Hahahahahaa….what a bunch of turds!"

How dare you call us turds you potty mouth poo poo head! Actually, the correct term is Shit. And what are we jealous of, obviously not your IQ.


Thanks Henka S. This Rhodes Scholar seems to have problems putting together complete sentences. Also seems to have a problem with the cap lock key on her keyboard. The intelligence on the net is astounding!

"Those assholes are a waste of time….and their daddy’s sperm.."

What is up with people and their love of "…" What’s the dilly-yo? After every fucking word they type… Please stick to one dot ok. I know it is exciting to type 3 or 4 dots, but try to contain yourself. Fucking idiots…

"Your site is a waste of time!! All the crap about Steve Summers of Pretty Boy Floyd are lies! How did i know?? Because i know the band…. Steve has a "girl"friend! And i dunno about anyone else here but i was insulted about what you have said about Athena. She has cancer and needs all the support she can get right now…."

More fucking dots. Yeah, like Steve Summers is going to say, "Yes, that is correct, I’m dating a girl who has a 7 inch cock." I mean shit, I don’t think he wants people to know it. And I’m sorry if you were offended by what we said about Athena. We compared Athena to a Susan Powter, who is healthy and in shape. What were we thinking? So if that offended you, how about this. Fuck Athena! Is that better ya silly bastard?

A Parody Of Ozzy Osbourne, get it?

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