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More Fun With Gerri Miller!



Wow!  Due to the tremendous response we’ve gotten on the Gerri Miller IM Transcript post, we’ve thought we’d do a final wrap up on the situation.

Simon the Sludgeaholic, who started all this, struck again on Monday and here’s the report along with our comments.

Hey guys…since GERRI the stupid bitch has blocked me completely from AOL (I can’t even see when she is online anymore), I logged onto my friends account and had another conversation with her.  What a fucking stupid bitch…

SURFERSEAL: is this Gerri Miller?
MtlEdge: yes
SURFERSEAL: hi Gerri…did you see the Metal Sludge interview?

MtlEdge: No, I don’t go there!
SURFERSEAL: Oh, well somone named Demon5635 posted an interview with you on the website
SURFERSEAL: EVERYONE is talking about it

MtlEdge: that is not an interview, that moron was harrassing me last night!
SURFERSEAL: oh, well a lot of people are looking at it.  people have been talking about it all day
MtlEdge: He started out asking normal questions and then kept at it about Sludge. I told him to stop and finally blocked his IM
Nobody said you had to answer his questions.
SURFERSEAL: oh, well there is a HUGE picture of you on the website

MtlEdge: from where?
SURFERSEAL: it’s pretty funny…i don’t know…it’s a picture of you and bastard boy floyd….plus the sludge guys did commentary on the whole thing
SURFERSEAL: it’s really pretty funny…

MtlEdge: oh great…well I won’t be going there. I don’t need the aggravation
SURFERSEAL: you don’t go to the website?  

MtlEdge: Never have been. I know they have it in for me. Why should I? And who is bastard boy floyd?
Who’s bastard boy floyd!?  How dare she pretend that she doesn’t know who bastard boy floyd is!  Everybody knows Bastard Boy Floyd! 
SURFERSEAL: yeah whatever gerri…you know you’ve been there
MtlEdge: NEVER. I don’t need to
SURFERSEAL: ok, that’s what you told Demon5635  
SURFERSEAL: we all think it’s B.S.

MtlEdge: and the assholoe didn’t believe me. I really don’t care if you don’t either!
What’s up with the language?  She’s always the first to call people assholes or morons. 
SURFERSEAL: wow gerri…guess what?

SURFERSEAL: this is the same asshole.  you never should have called me an asshole. you were the one who brought up sludge in the first place

SURFERSEAL: now, you’re EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW is on the sludge site for all to see
MtlEdge: you are an asshole

That’s fucking great! Simon’s the man.

Another Sludgeaholic also had a brief IM chat with Gerri.

Dear Sludge, i was reading your interview with Gerri miller today and came accross the screen name, i thought id instant message her. We got to talking about diffrent bands and then i asked her about sludge…this is what she had to say…
love & peace ~jennifer

Marildonna:  so when you met up with axl, was he an asshole? 
MtlEdge:    honestly I haven’t talked to Axl since 1986
MtlEdge:    and it was a phone interview
So when Guns N Roses was on top of the world, Gerri had no access to Axl at all.  Apparently Axl must not have thought that Gerri was a legit journalist.
Marildonna:     woah!  
Marildonna:     Metal Sludge
Marildonna:     hello?

MtlEdge:    hello what?
Marildonna:     what do you think aboiut that site
MtlEdge:    What do you THINK I think of it? I don’t want to discuss it
Marildonna:     hmmm
Marildonna:     i really dont know why….

MtlEdge:    bye now!
Marildonna:     :(

Since that little IM chat, other Sludgeaholics have tried to IM Gerri but she hasn’t responded to anybody.  She’s not responding to any IM’s anymore.  How funny.  

However, we did get this interesting email which includes Gerri’s response to a Sludgeaholic.


I posted a link to the Gerri interview on the Metal Edge BB a couple times and she deleted the posts each time.  Then I asked her who she was going to vote for.  I claimed that she was going to vote for Gore because
she was pro-censorship.  She deleted that post too.
Then she sent me this e-mail.

Who I vote for is my business. But that isn’t what you want to know anyway.
Look, that so-called interview was an ambush by a schizophrenic idiot who turned an IM conversation with me into harrassment.

An ambush?  How the fuck can you ambush somebody over the internet?  If somebody ran up to her and stuck a mic in her face and started asking her questions then that might be an ambush.  But you can’t ambush somebody with IM!!!  When the questions came into her she didn’t have to answer!  She could have ignored them.  She could have signed off.  She’s the one who kept responding!  It’s her own fucking fault for going along with it.  And what’s up with calling Simon schizophrenic?  She’s too stupid to figure out that all he was doing was setting her up again and again. 
I can’t stop anyone from going there but  I will in no way allow a link to that garbage on this board.
Post it again and you can very easily be banned AGAIN.

She rears her ugly head again.

The crusher

Ohhhh, scary!  Banned from the Metal Edge board by a lady in her mid 40s!  How could anybody recover from such a brutal fate?  She’s such a predictable bore.
Hey Gerri, was that a career goal to run a message board used by people half your age who can’t relate to an old ass broad like yourself?
People can’t even use the word Sludge on the Metal Edge Bulletin Board because she’s banned the word.  How fucking gay.  Why is it that Metal Edge Magazine doesn’t have a problem with us, but you can’t go on their Bulletin Board and say Metal Sludge without being censored?  Gerri is like the old senile lady on your block who yells and screams at kids for walking on her lawn.  You know the type.  Every neighborhood has one. 
And by the way, she doesn’t RUN the site, she just posts the daily updates and freelances video
interviews to them!

Here’s more.

About 5 years ago, when this Internet thingy was just starting to get popular, I found Gerri’s e-mail address in Metal Edge and e-mailed her about doing some freelance coverage for Metal Edge regarding the Chicago Metal scene.  I also asked her if she could give any advice about how to get PAID to write about rock music (which would be my dream job). 

To my surprise, not only did she respond, but she responded with her HOME phone number and told me to call her sometime.  I was pretty jazzed at the time because I was actually young and dumb enough at the time to think I could actually make money writing about hard rock and metal bands for a living.  So I waited a few days (like Swingers!) and gave her a call.  I stated who I was and that she instructed me to call her.  She recognized who I was from my e-mail, but was a total bitch to me like "I can’t believe you would actually call to bother me with your petty little dream of being a music reporter".  "Whatever, Bitch!  YOU gave ME your phone number!" I was thinking to myself.

Keep up the great work,

Derrick from Chicago

And more.

That Gerri interview is the funniest damn thing I’ve ever seen in my fucking life. I can’t imagine staying on with someone so long who is fucking with me so bad! My experience with Gerri (I may have written about this to you
before), but I wanted her to be a regular part of my radio show in a Metal Edge Update’ capacity (why, you’re asking yourself) and she agreed. I called her 3 times a week to try to get her to actually do it and she never did
it…not once. She always said ‘Call me back later, I’m busy’. She was never on once and I tried for a month. She could have said no up front and it would have been fine, but she just blew it off time and time again after I
had promoted it to no end. The person chatting her should get a gold fucking medal for that performance. Later….

Steve Ponchaud

Gerri has a history of blowing people off.  Plus she hates any and all competition.  She’s had run-ins with a variety of fanzines because she wants to think that she knows it all. 

That was hilarious, I love how she talked to him for like ever when she could have just ignored him.  Your comments were cracking me up, too.  But I take some offense at that 17 year old valley girl comment about "Whatever", okay no I don’t, but it was funny too.
I love how Miss Coolness and connections had to go through Slaughter’s publicist to get tickets to the Power to the People tour in LA this summer.  Gerri was whining about how everyone else lets her take her video camera into the shows, when she was given shit about it!
Good luck on your Metal Sludge night! I’m trying to make it, but hence the name, its difficult to get down there!!

That’s another Gerri trait.  She expects to be treated like a queen at these shows and whenever she can’t get passes or things don’t go exactly her way, she freaks out.

I just wanted to tell you guys/gals at MS how great I thought the IM with Gerri Miller was! I am still dying laughing over here! I nearly spit my water out all over my monitor! Thumbs up to "Simon"!!! – Good Job!

That interview was too funny! Touchy touchy aren’t we Ms Miller? MS was right, she kept bringing up the sludge talk. She needs to seek some help, or get a nice big box of chocolates.
Does Gerri ever look rough! She need to talk to Kevin DuBrow about some hair extensions… maybe if she’s nice to him, he’ll give her the hook up to his stylist or something. Don’t get me wrong, Kev’s a great guy and I love him to death… I just think he’d be a good resource for Gerri in the hair dept!

That post actually brought a tear to my eye and reminded me of the good old days here at Sludge.

The dumb bitch bigfooted her way right into that trap. "Simon" thanks for the laugh.

Just wanted to thank you for the most entertaining thing I’ve read online in MONTHS – the interview with that idiot hag Gerri Miller. What a stump. Keep ‘er between the ditches…

                        Angus Lee Dirkschnieder

We thought you old school Sludgeaholics would dig it!  We do it all for you!


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