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A Sludgeaholic Interviews Gerri Miller!



bastard boy floyd & Gerri Miller in friendlier times

This came to us late Sunday night out of the blue, but it brought back some old memories. It’s been a long ass time since we’ve written anything this in-depth about Gerri Miller, and it kind of feels good. It’s like talking to an old friend. It’s comfortable like an old shoe. And speaking of things that are old, smelly, and played out, lets talk about Gerri Miller.

What we have here is somewhat of an EXCLUSIVE interview with Gerri! It was conducted on AOL Instant Messenger by a hardcore Sludgeaholic named Simon. Simon is the shit because he sets up Gerri perfectly. Check out some of the bullshit she says because you won’t believe it. She’s really gone over the edge. Simon sent us the entire chat transcript and naturally we had to add our comments. Ozzy Stillbourne loved this because he’s missed doing the old Inside Gerri Miller’s Mind posts. So this goes out to all you old school Sludgeaholics who use to read that and missed us goofing on Gerri. You’ll definitely enjoy this!

Simon is Demon5635, and Ger is MtlEdge.

Demon5635:  gerri?
MtlEdge:    yes
Demon5635:  hi, my name is Simon Beck
MtlEdge:    hi
Demon5635:  i used to be a Metal Edge subscriber until you got fired from it
Demon5635:  I miss the way you put the mag together

MtlEdge:    first of all I QUIT, I was NOT fired!!!!
Hmmmm, Gerri is already getting a bit defensive with the CAP KEY and exclamation marks! 
Demon5635:  I was wondering if I could interview you for my newsletter sometime

Demon5635:  oh, i’m sorry…i didn’t know.
Demon5635:  are you still there?

MtlEdge:    If you got that misconception from Metal Sludge all I can say is don’t believe a word of what they say. How could I be running the website if they fired me?

Metal Sludge? Where the fuck did that come from? Gerri has us on her mind 24/7.   
Demon5635:  wait wait, what would make you think i got it from metal sludge.
MtlEdge:    because they were spreading that erroneous story. If you didn’t, my apology 
No, we were reporting rumors. Plus we haven’t done a post on you in about 2 years. Sure, we mention you in the SludgeWire now and then, but you are old news. We have moved onto better things so stop living in the past.
Demon5635:  oh, no problem.  wow, so i guess you really do hate Metal Sludge then huh?
MtlEdge:    I have a reason to. All lies 
What lies? We report factual information and give our opinion along with it. Most of our Sludgwire is information we get from Hard Radio, KNAC.COM and even Mtledge.Com. Our Sludge Scans are taken from the same source that gives the entire industry weekly sale numbers. We also report actual concert attendance which is taken from Poll Star magazine. All our 20 Questions and Rewinds are legit. In addition to this we also report gossip and hearsay but always credit it accordingly. Plus we sell real merchandise, which just so happens to be available at http://www.metal-sludge.com/Sludgendise.htm. Christmas is coming up so get in on our great Christmas prices! Opps, sorry, we digress.
MtlEdge:    they’re just jealous
What are we jealous of? Do you think any of us at Metal Sludge have ever thought, "Damn that Gerri Miller. She has so much success and so many connections, I wish I was her! I’m going to start a page because I’m envious of her success!!" Fuck no. And we certainly ain’t jealous of your clothes, your eyewear, or your hair. If anybody is jealous, it’s Gerri because of all the shit we’ve accomplished in only 2 years. When was the last time Gerri Miller was asked to be interviewed by Spin or any other of the numerous magazines we’ve talked to? When was the last time Gerri Miller has made an impact like we do?
Demon5635:  What lies?  It’s nothing but a satirical look at the Hard Rock scene. I actually think it’s kind of funny.  Paul Garagono seems to think it’s funny too
Demon5635:  But that’s not even why I am contacting you

MtlEdge:    that’s his choice. I don’t find slagging people amusing.

Let’s not call the kettle black now Gerri. Are you saying you’ve never slagged an artist at all? Not even to another artist, friend or industry type? You’ve never slagged David Lee Roth, Nelson, WASP, and numerous others that would take all day to mention? Ok, maybe your slagging was done behind that person or bands back, right? Well we don’t give our opinion behind closed doors or behind peoples backs, we do it for the whole rock world to see. We may be brutal, but at least we’re honest.
Demon5635:  i thought you guys got along, you and paul
MtlEdge:    Not exactly. We don’t speak. The magazine and the website are separate entities
Demon5635:  oh really?  this is all news to me.  well the website looks fantastic.
MtlEdge:    thanks. The Nextlevel people in Vancouver do all the design and programming. I just do the content
That sounds like a few of our staff. Lazy pricks do nothing but occassionaly contribute some weak ass content. Just like you Gerri.
Demon5635:  right on…well you’re doing a great job.  do you mind if i ask you a few questions?
MtlEdge:    ok
Demon5635:  What do you think lies ahead for the future of KISS
MtlEdge:    as far as touring, nothing right now. Though there’s still a possibility of Japan and Australia

Demon5635:  So for sure no more US shows?
MtlEdge:    not as of now
Demon5635:  What about a full scale Tesla reunion?
MtlEdge:    all that was set was the one Sacramento show they did. I haven’t heard anything more

Demon5635:  Can you tell me if Warrant plans on touring this winter?
MtlEdge:    they’re doing a few dates this month. They’re listed in the dates in the Members section 

Demon5635:  How does it make you feel when people at Metal Sludge call you a big, scary, bigfoot transvestite that use to be the editor of Metal Edge until Metal Sludge came around and got her ass booted. 
MtlEdge:    here’s a question for you: why are you being such an asshole?! 
Why the profantiy? This is an outrage! 
Demon5635:  excuse me, that was a direct quote from the website.  I did not say those things about you, the people at Metal Sludge did.  I am just trying to get an interview for my newsletter, and I came across your name on the
website. I am asking you a question.  You know how interviews work. I read your articles for years and years

MtlEdge:    it sounds to me that you’re just trying to get a rise out of me by saying something so obnoxious 
Get a rise? Sounds like you are referring to having an erection Gerri and that is also un-called for. First profanity and now sexual innuendo. Please get your mind out of the gutter.
Demon5635:  You couldn’t be more wrong. I am just asking you some questions for an interview, I have no interest in getting "a rise" out of you

MtlEdge:    I had no problem answering the other questions. I’m not going to dignify that one with an answer!
Demon5635:  What are the people at Metal Sludge "jealous" of, as you said earlier?

MtlEdge:    I really don’t want to talk about them any more. It gives them legitimacy they don’t deserve and haven’t earned. 
Yeah, interviewing over 100 of yesterday & todays biggest rock names along with pro wrestlers, porn stars and various other industry type gives us no legitimacy. Does our continued relationships with current Metal Edge Editor Paul Gargano, the whole staff at KNAC.COM, Hard Radio, The Tour Bus, and several record companies give us any legitimacy, Gerri?
And if you wanna see legit, pick up the issue of Metal Edge that comes out in December (next month for you Slaughter fans). We’re legit as fuck, baby!!!

Demon5635:  Of course they have.  That site gets more hits than the Metal Edge site
MtlEdge:    so what? It doesn’t make them legitimate
What makes anyone legitimate Gerri?  A blessing from you?  
Demon5635:  It’s a great site.  Artists LOVE it!  Paul loves it!  Hard Rock fans love it!  It’s just poking fun at the industry
Demon5635:  What does it take to make a site "legitimate"?
MtlEdge:    I’m talking about legitimate journalism. Anyone with a computer can make a site now, but that doesn’t mean they’re good or reputable 
Are you referring to the dozens and dozens of rock web sites that have followed in Metal Sludges footsteps over the last few years? And what about Lonn Friend saying that our site has great editorial content? Lonn’s a lot more of a legit journalist then you are.

Demon5635:  Of course not.  Have you read the disclaimer on the Metal Sludge website?
MtlEdge:    as a matter of principle I will NOT go to that site. 

Demon5635:  You have NEVER visited the site?  I find that very hard to believe. 

Demon5635:  If you’ve never been there, how can you say that the site is not "legitimate"
MtlEdge:    Doubt if you wish, but it is true. I have never been there. I know all I need to by what I’ve been told. Why aggravate myself? I know all there is to know. And I don’t need the stress. 
So do you always believe what you are told? How can you talk about something if you’ve never been to our site? So basically you have formed your opinion from second hand sources. That’s professional. (sarcasm mode turned off) And then you go around telling the few friends you have how horrible we are when you’ve never even been here. You’ve spread more bullshit about us then we ever have about you.
Demon5635:  Do you know how much you are talked about there?  If you search your name, like 500 listings come up.  If I was you, I would at least be interested in what is going on there
MtlEdge:    I am not and have no desire to read it 
Have you ever given thought that no one has the desire to read your crap about rocker weddings, baby photos and who opened a juice shop gossip?  
Demon5635:  And, yes, I doubt that you have never been there.  That is a lie. I don’t know why you can’t admit that you have been there. I’m sure you check the updates daily, just to see if they are talking about you
Demon5635:  METAL SLUDGE IS A PARODY. Nothing on these pages should be taken as the truth. 
Demon5635:  that is the very first thing that the disclaimer makes mention of
MtlEdge:    Look, I will say it again, I swear to God, I have NEVER been to that site! Gerri, let’s not bring religion into this. It’s really not needed. And I want to stop talking about it, OK? If you have any other questions about bands, you can e-mail me. Otherwise, I have to go now

Demon5635:  Whatever Gerri.  

Demon5635:  hey gerri…
Demon5635:  I just wanted to apoligize for getting you all worked up earlier
Demon5635:  Are you there?

MtlEdge:    forgiven, as long as you don’t bring up you-know-what again 
This sounds like it could be one of the best set ups in the history of the world. 
Demon5635:  can you at least tell me what the big deal is though?
MtlEdge:    I’m sure you can figure out why I dislike it. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon. Please, talk about something else
Demon5635:  I saw you recently on a tape from the LA Kiss Konvention serving as moderator for the Peter Criss QandA, how did it come about that you got that honor?
This is called asking Gerri about other things for a while to get her to cool down for a bit.
MtlEdge:    they asked me, simple as that
Demon5635:  How long have you known Peter?
MtlEdge:    since the ’80s

Demon5635:  You seemed pretty worried when Peter accidentally announced that he would be playing a song with KISS that day.  Did you think you would get in trouble or something?
MtlEdge:    I don’t recall that 
Demon5635:  Because it was supposed to be a surprise or something
MtlEdge:    i really don’t remember that 

Do you remember when you ‘use to’ work for Metal Edge? 
Demon5635:  oh, ok.  well i’ve got the video of that if you ever want to see it.  you looked really worried.  you don’t remember when Peter played Hard Luck Woman?

Demon5635:  Are you still there?
MtlEdge:    nope
That sounded like a Slaughter fans response.  
Demon5635:  hmm..
MtlEdge:    I’m here but I don’t remember 
Demon5635:  oh ok.  no problem
Demon5635:  You know Gerri, Lonn Friend just did an interview with Metal Sludge and he said that they have great editorial content

MtlEdge:    I heard about that
Did you visit the site and read it or did some of your "insider friends" tell you all about it?
Demon5635:  and isn’t he a credible source?  I mean you say that it isn’t a "legitimate" site, not to bring up metal sludge again, but i just remembered reading that recently
Demon5635:  Rikki Rockett seems to be down with Metal Sludge, same with Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, and countless others love the site

MtlEdge:    whatever!!! 
That sounds like the sarcastic remark of a 17 year old valley girl. 
Note to Gerri: You are in your mid 40s. Nobody in their 40s is allowed to use "whatever".
Demon5635:  if you can’t even answer me, then that makes you sound like it’s YOU who are jealous of THEM. but maybe i’m wrong
MtlEdge:    you are wrong. I have nothing to be jealous of. My record speaks for itself 
What record would that be? Your driving record? Do you have an LP? What record are you talking about? Are you talking about those "quality" audio & video interviews you are doing on the Metal Edge website? Fucking Kicker’s Magazine does a way better job of doing that shit then you do. Your questions are always the same and the audio and video quality suck. Most metal fanzines can pull that stuff off 500 times better then what you are doing.
Demon5635:  Well why do you think Sludge is jealous?
MtlEdge:    my feeling is that they’re a bunch of wannabes and never weres with an axe to grind 
And you obtained your opinion from… oh yea, you’ve never been to our site, that’s right.
MtlEdge:    why else spend so much time slagging those who DID make it?
Gerri, if we slagged so many who DID make it, then why are they all doing interviews and becoming more involved with our page?  If it doesn’t bother them, why should it bother you?
Demon5635:  but they seem to have made it….Spin magazine wrote them up, same with Maxim magazine.
Demon5635:  Why does the site bother you so much? It’s a PARODY.  That means it is a joke.  You can’t take a joke? 
Demon5635:  Ever seen Saturday Night Live?

MtlEdge:    Of course, and I DO have a sense of humor.
That must explain all the Metal Edge features on Warrant weddings and baby photos.
MtlEdge:  But there is a difference between joking and malicious untruths 

Demon5635:  what malicious untruths?  specifically?
MtlEdge:    I told you I didn’t want to rehash this crap! 
Why the language again, please! 
Demon5635:  Well at least tell me what the malicious untruths are…
MtlEdge:    If you are such a fan of the site I’m sure you know

Demon5635:  Who EVER said I was a fan of the site.  I just know about the site.  I am asking you, what the malicious untruths are
MtlEdge:    for one, that I was fired. As I told you before, I QUIT. I was asked by the owner of the company to stay but I wouldn’t. If I was fired, do you really think I’d be involved in the magazine’s website? Doubtful.
Well the word that we heard, and this of course could be false, was that you were basically given less and less to do with the magazine. They didn’t want to fire you, but they didn’t want you around. They pretty much put you in a position for you to quit. However, they didn’t totally throw you away and they let you put up the news on the website. Of course, that’s only what we heard. And if you and the owner are on such good terms then what kind of a pension did you get? Any bonus? Afterall, you did put in some long hard years.
Demon5635:  Did you know there there is going to be a HUGE sludge party in LA with Kendra Jade, Rikki Rockett, Hair of the Dog and the Phil Lewis band playing?
MtlEdge:    so? Your point is?
Demon5635:  sounds like a pretty legitimate site to me
MtlEdge:    Then fine! Go there, I’m not stopping you. Just because child porn sites and white supremacist sites exist doesn’t mean they’re great and worthwhile either you know
What the fuck? Did that fucking delusional freakshow bitch just compare us to child porn sites and white supremacist sites? Now that’s totally uncalled for. We’ve said a lot of shit, but to even fucking bring that into the conversation is fucked up. We’re a fucking entertainment site! You can’t compare us to that shit!!! Why the fuck would she even think about mentioning that? She’s got some issues.

Demon5635:  What does the Metal Sludge site have to do with child porn sites and white supremacist sites?

MtlEdge:    what I’m saying is that anything goes on the Internet but that doesn’t mean it’s legitimate. Anyone can make a website 
What the fuck are you talking about? Who are you, the legitimate police? There were a million other ways to make that example then mentioning child porn and white supremacists. You’re fucked in the head, get some help.
Demon5635:  That I understand.  Everyone knows that Gerri.  I just think that you are so hurt by the things that you have read about yourself on Metal Sludge, that it has turned you into a very bitter person.  And you are also
upset because you don’t have control over the printed version of Metal Edge anymore, and for some reason, you’re taking your anger out on me.

Demon5635:  http://www.metal-sludge.com/PeopleWhoLoveUs.htm
Demon5635:  go join the club Gerri.  I didn’t think you would have the guts to answer that last thing I wrote

MtlEdge:    First of all, if you perceive anger it’s only because I asked you to drop this topic and you refused to do so. You brought up our name before he did. Secondly, I will remind you that I said before that I never go to that site and never ever have. I don’t need that aggravation–the kind of aggravation you’re perpetuating. I live choosing to ignore it, except that people keep reminding me of it! What? People keep reminding you of Metal Sludge? But we’re not legit! How is that possible? (sarcasm mode turned off)  And I do NOT want to edit the print magazine anymore. If I did I’d still be there. I don’t need the stress
You’d still be there? So basically you are saying Paul Gargano would never have become the editor had you not left. I think Paul and most people might dispute that.
MtlEdge:    And I’d appreciate it if you don’t IM me anymore about this. Bands. fine. But I’m not going to discuss this matter any further!
Demon5635:  I talked to Bruce Kulick just now and HE even said that you had the tendency to get riled up
Demon5635:  He was so right

MtlEdge:    we disagree on it, and that’s his prerogative. It’s your or anyone’s prerogative to go to any websites they want. Just as I have the right to NOT go there and ignore the hell out of it 

Demon5635:  whatever Gerri…look at you, you’ve gotten all riled up.

MtlEdge:    thanks to you 
NO! Thanks to Metal Sludge, beeeeeeeeeeeatch. 
Demon5635:  because of Metal Sludge.  Because of a fucking website.  It’s sad.  Really sad.  You used to have a REAL job.
MtlEdge:    I do have a real job, MORON! 

What is that? Writing a few paragraphs of second hand news on Metal Edge’s website? So you supposedly quit Metal Edge for that? Your Metal Wire at Metal Edge’s website isn’t much different than our SludgeWire. You borrow news from Hard Radio, KNAC, and press releases just like we do. Fuck, none of us at Metal Sludge would call this a job and we put more effort into this page then you do with Metal Edge’s website.
MtlEdge:    now begone! 

That sounds like a witch’s threat! She needs to stop watching The Wizard of Oz.
Demon5635:  "Why did I do Metal Sludge’s 20 Questions? Why not? Their website is
hilarious. They don’t take themselves seriously and despite being kooks, their editorial is damn good."
Demon5635:  that’s from Lonn Friend

MtlEdge:    fine 
Can you believe this 40 years (plus) woman is arguing with a Sludgeaholic for like a half hour? Now that’s funny! What a way to spend a Sunday night.
Demon5635:  So I win, you lose
Demon5635:  sucks for you
Demon5635:  So I guess you won’t answer my questions now will you?

Demon5635:  allright gerri…well it’s been a real pleasure.  just so you know. i am sorry if i offended you. and i am sorry that i spoke harshly. i apoligize
This is right out of the Stuttering John playbook. Always go back to complimenting the person! That’s a nice touch.
MtlEdge:    I’m not sure I believe you
Demon5635:  why not?

Demon5635:  seriously, i’m sorry.  can i ask you a Slaughter related question?

MtlEdge:    because you seem to enjoy getting a rise out of me. Doing so and then saying ‘sorry’ doesn’t change anything.
Demon5635:  I’m not enjoying it Gerri. I’ve always loved your magazine.  I read it all the time.  
Demon5635:  When can we expect to see some footage of Brent Fitz’s wedding?

MtlEdge:    then how, when I asked you not to bring it up again knowing my feelings, could you just go ahead? Not very nice. It’s up to Brent and Marci whether or not they want any photos or video 
Gerri doesn’t get that she’s being set up. It’s like when you listen to a crank phone call tape and the person stays on the phone for 10 minutes. Why doesn’t the person hang up? No, they stay on the line and take the abuse. Gerri is the same way. You’d think by now anybody with a real life would have stopped talking to him.
Demon5635:  If Metal Sludge is such a bad site, how come Rikki Rockett, Scott Ian, Jizzy Pearl, Tracii Guns and others are writing for them?
MtlEdge:    would you STOP already! I don’t care who goes there, who reads it. I DON’T and I don’t want to discuss it!
Temper, temper Gerri!
Demon5635:  You’ve been there AT LEAST once.  just admit it
MtlEdge:    No, I swear on my dead grandmother!
What do dead relatives have to do with this? And does she think by saying that anybody is going to say, "Oh well shit…she swore on her dead grandmother, it must be true." That’s just a lame thing to say. She sounds like a little kid.
Demon5635:  what does that mean?

MtlEdge:    that I told you repeatedly that I have never been there, and swore to it. This isn’t a court of law Gerri. This is AOL IM. I don’t care at this point if you don’t believe me. I am DONE talking about this
Demon5635:  you’ve blocked e-mail from my account?  that’s real mature

MtlEdge:    at this point you are harrassing me and I’m tired of it
Then fucking stop talking to him! Nobody is forcing you to.
Demon5635:  of course i don’t believe you Gerri.  Cause you’re lying to me. It’s really annoying
MtlEdge:    oh whatever!! I am telling you the God’s honest truth. Stop using the Lord’s name in vain Gerri. I don’t need to go there to know what has been said.
MtlEdge:    It’s principle with me

Demon5635:  Whatever Gerri…..fucking lying bigfoot transvestite groupie wannabee bitch
MtlEdge:    LOSER!
How much you wanna bet Gerri just made the loser hand sign, like Jim Carrey does in Ace Ventura, when she just wrote that? Pretty mature.

Demon5635:   why are you calling me a loser?
MtlEdge:    are you a schizo? What did you just type to me?
MtlEdge:    You have the balls to say anything else? Get a life!

Demon5635:  I didn’t type anything to you.
Demon5635:  No, but i bet YOU have the BALLS to say something else.  bring it on Jerry

And that ends our EXCLUSIVE chat with Gerri Miller!

We greatly enjoyed bringing this chat to you as it reminded us of some the reasons why we started our splendid little page! Thanks to Simon for his ninja like skills in providing us with this chat!

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