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Brides Of Destruction On Leno, 3/12/04



Brides Of Destruction performed on The Tonight Show last Monday, March 8th, but I’ve been too fucking lazy to put up my post about it. I wrote it that night but with all this drinking I do everyday, it’s hard to find time to put up my posts. So fuck you, this is a few days late and try to enjoy it anyway.

Before I get to my review, I want to put up this email we were sent:

Last night on Eddie Trunk’s syndicated show, the guests were Nikki Sixx and London Legrand from B.O.D. A caller called up and said:

caller: "Hey Nikki, love your contributions to Metal Sludge, they’re great."
Nikki: "Thanks, I love Metal-Sludge it’s awesome."

Cool, thanks for thinking we’re awesome, Nikki! That means I’m sure you’ll think what I write here is awesome as well.

Brides Of Destruction played the song "Shut The Fuck Up" but instead sang "Shut The Uh Up." What the Fu-Fu-Fu-Fuck was that? It sounded like London had a stuttering problem. Of all the things to say instead of Fuck, they came up with Uh? Why not Shut The Hell Up? Or Shut The F Up? Or just say Shut The …. Up and not even say a word in it’s place? Shut The Uh Up was probably the gayest thing I’ve heard in a while. Totally wrecked the flow of the performance. Of all the rock ‘n’ roll, rebellious things to say and do, "Shut The Uh Up" is nowhere on that list.

Wonder if Nikki Sixx ever sits back and wonders what it’s like to be in a band with a guy who can actually sing, because he certainly has never been in a band where that is the case. London started off sounding a bit, well, lets just say I’ve passed kidney stones that were less painful. I’ve heard worse, namely Vince Neil, but it wasn’t the performance that’s going to knock anybody over or sell CDs. He looked like he was trying too hard. Granted he’s never been on TV before and being on the Tonight Show is a big deal and he was probably nervous as hell, but it came off as a bit phoney. Kinda looked like something you’d see on "Before They Were Famous" when some famous singer would show footage of themselves all dressed up and singing into a hairbrush in the basement when they were 10 years old. The guy was definitely trying too hard.

Nikki still looked like Nikki Sixx. Some on the Gossip Board thought Nikki looked a bit fat, but I didn’t really notice anything, and trust me, I look for shit to bust balls about. Tracii looked good but would have looked better wearing a Metal Sludge shirt. He sounded the best out of everybody. The over all look of the band was a bit contrived for my tastes but what else is new?

I’ll have a review of the CD up sometime before the end of the year.

I’m out like the Fuck in Shut The Uh Up,


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