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July 10, 2004

Here’s some upcoming things to look forward to on the page:

Ozzy Stillbourne is doing a Random Thoughts on the new issue of Metal Edge that should be up next week.

This weekend’s Metal Sludge Show on da Boneyard features our very first guest program director, Arkansas Cracker! We had Arkansas Cracker pick the songs we were going to play so he’s 100% responsible for what airs on Sunday. I’m just going to be the DJ and pick what Cracker tells me to play. So be sure to tune in this Sunday at 6 west, 9 east, to listen in.

There will be another unofficial Gathering Of The Sludgeaholics on July 17th in Hollywood. It will be at Cruefest at the Whisky, so if you’re in the area, be sure to wear your Sludge Swag and meet some fellow Sludgeaholics.

We didn’t have a Sludgeaholic or Sludgette Of The Month for June, but since we make our own rules, we can still have one. If you want to be the Sludgeaholic or Sludgette for June 2004, email us your photo wearing our swag and maybe you’ll be it. You won’t have your picture on the front page and your month is already over, but it’s better than nothing.

A year ago we mentioned doing the 25 Worst CDs Of All Time, and we plan to finish that along with 10 Worst Rock Songs Of All Time and 10 Rock Songs That Should Never Be Covered Again. Metal Sludge Exposed will also be updated and we’re going to shoot for doing weekly Sludgeaholics. Key word "shoot for."

In the meantime, go see Will Ferrell in Anchorman.

Stay classy Sludgeaholics,

Jani Bon Neil

Happy 4th Of July!

Before I start our XM Radio show this evening on ‘da Boneyard, I want to say that I’ve been emailed quite a bit since my last Page Sludge last week, from very old school Sludgeaholics who came out of the wood work to the newest of fans that found out about us last month on VH-1, and I want to thank you for the emails and advice. I appreciate feedback, even if I delete it immediately and never read it. Anyway, after thinking about things and reading that interview with The Wildhearts’ Ginger, who was told by his management and record label not to deal with us, I think that bowing out would bring joy and happiness to certain individuals that don’t deserve that. We can still make Metal fun, and I’ve learned that the more I drink while working on the page, the more fun it is! I should have followed Ozzy Stillbourne’s advice years ago.

You want Metal Sludge,Version 3.0? You got it.

As they say, be careful what you ask for….

I believe in a thing called Sludge,

Jani Bon Neil

P.S. Our next Metal Sludge Extravaganza is September 17th! Stay tuned for details.

February 8, 2004

I thought I’d update everybody with the latest drama in the Warrant camp. As always, word on the street is that on Monday, February 2nd, senior Warrant members Erik Turner and Jerry Dixon served senior Warrant member Jani Lane with papers. We haven’t exactly heard the reason why, but it’s assumed it has something to do with who has the right to the name Warrant. Looks like we might have another case of Ratt vs. Ratt.

After last week’s beautifully written 20 Questions with Adam Nosobright, we do have a well written 20 Questions that will be going up on Tuesday. Periods and commas are used and some answers have a lot of detail. I can also say we have enough 20 Questions now to get us through a few weeks so the "20 Question Drought Of 2003" is hopefully behind us. Rewinds and 3-Winds will also start going up more frequently.

December 30, 2003

Last night was our Metal Sludge Extravaganza #7 in Cleveland, and from what I heard it was a success! It was broadcast live as it happened and I dropped into the chat room during the 1st hour to chat with the Sludgeaholics who were listening in.

Thanks to everybody who came down, Wendell and Chris who handled hosting duties, all the bands, and Billy Morris for making it all happen!

For those of you who did attend in hopes of meeting the legendary Jim Bob Dwarf, he unfortunately couldn’t make it to the show. This is the press release his publicist released today:


Jim Bob Dwarf’s MSE 7 hosting duties have been cancelled as well as all future hosting duties pending on the outcome of diagnosis.

Jim Bob Dwarf was injured while stuck in traffic on the way to the show. He was flown back to his home for treatment by a physician. He suffers from a lower back injury and may have slipped disk, due to sitting in traffic for too long.

That’s the report we got, despite vicious and uncalled for rumors about Jim Bob hiding in his hotel room with a pound of blow and not coming out for anybody. That’s purely speculation at this point and we cannot confirm or deny that at this time.

We apologize to all of Jim Bob’s fan for his absence and hope the party was still enjoyable for you.

October 18, 2003

Here’s a story that I don’t need to share with you because it’s going to make us sound like idiots, but since we’re honest and upfront about things, I’ll let you in on a little behind the scene Sludge action. Being the jackasses that we are, we miscalculated our shipping costs for the Hollywood Rocks book we’re selling and after selling a shit load of them, figured out that we’re basically losing our ass on them. Since it’s a coffee table book, it weighs more than the typical Sludgendise we sell and we didn’t factor that into the price of them, so we’re actually losing money on them when we ship them to you. If you ordered a book, you basically cost us money. Isn’t that great? I don’t think that’s a good business practice. In fact, I lost my ass so bad I have no ass anymore. I’m standing as I type this since none of us at Metal Sludge can sit down anymore because we lost our ass. So we’re having to bump up the price a bit. If you already ordered the book, then consider yourself lucky! You got a deal on the thing. If you haven’t ordered the book yet, thank you because you’re now going to have to pay more and now we can maybe make a few bucks now. Wonder if this ever happens to Gene Simmons? Oh well, what can you do?

September 3

Thanks to everybody who emailed us about our 5th Anniversary!

If you ordered a Metal Shop CD, please be patient because we sold out of our initial shipment! A shitload went out this week so they should be in the mail, but if you don’t get yours, just hold tight and it’ll be there before you know it. Sales are completely out of control, with people ordering Metal Shop CDs from Israel, Germany, Japan, England, Ireland, Canada, New Jersey, and all across the world! Even Steve Brown and Dan Dryden ordered CDs! In fact, just as I was writing this two orders came in, one from Lubbock, TX and one from Scranton, PA. Everybody wants one, so we’ll get them to you as soon as Metal Shop gets them to us!

August 20, 2003

Due to that shitty virus that’s going around, ALL Metal Sludge email accounts have been turned off. When Bastard Boy Floyd logged in one morning and saw that we had 3,000 emails coming in, his pigtails did a 360 and we decided to turn off the accounts for now. So DON’T send us any emails!!! Hold on to all your shit until we give you the all clear. It’ll probably be later today so just hold onto whatever it is you have to tell us for now.

October 23, 2002

I recently did an interview at http://www.rockconfidential.com/jbn.html if anybody cares.

September 23, 2002

More press for me! I did an interview with a wrestling site called The Wrestling Professor. You can read it at http://www.wrestlingprofessor.com/PickMyBrainJaniBonNeil.html.

August 30, 2002

In case you have time to kill, I did an interview last week with White Trash Devil that can be found at http://www.whitetrashdevil.com/page.php?load=metalsludge&cat=interviews

Hey, the Classic Metal Show is still doing the Metal Sludge Song Of The Week and they’ve recently revamped their website. To hear our Metal Sludge Song Of The Week, check in every Saturday and our song is usually played around 11PM or so. Wendell runs a tight ship over there so if your date on Saturday night stood you up, have no fear, the Classic Metal Show is here!

Your Paragon Of Sludge,

Jani Bon Neil

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