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Metal Sludge’s CopyCathouse with Whole Lotta Rosies, 4/25/05



Welcome to our new interview feature, "Metal Sludge’s CopyCathouse!" This is sort of like a typical 10 Questions interview, but 10 Questions really deals up-and-coming bands from around the globe who do their own original music. This is different. "Metal Sludge’s CopyCathouse" is where we highlight tribute bands. There are a ton of good ones out there, and a lot of them are more than Sludge-worthy, so it would be a crime not to tell you who’s worth checking out.

Here to start us off with the CopyCathouse is Los Angeles’ very own Whole Lotta Rosies, an all-girl AC/DC tribute band! Not only are they something of local legends around Hollywood, but they’re also appearing this coming Thursday night (April 28) at Club Vodka to kick off the Metal Sludge Extravaganza 11 weekend. Let’s find out more about them, shall we?

1. Plug away! Tell us all about "Whole Lotta Rosies" and anything else you feel might be relevant.

Whole Lotta RosiesWhole Lotta Rosies is LA’s All Girl AC/DC Tribute band. The first All Girl AC/DC tribute band in Los Angeles. We have a great group of very beautiful and talented musicians working in WLR and we’re having the time of our lives. We have lots of shows scheuled this summer that you can check out on our site, www.therosiesrock.com but, here are the next few upcoming shows.

April 28th- Club Vodka. Metal Sludge 1st party there. We’re playing with WWIII and one of our other favorite tribute bands, "Motley Priest".
April 30th -14 below in Santa Monica. This is gonna be a lot of fun. We have several suprise guests coming up to jam with us that night.
May 6th – Malibu Inn. We’re playing with Adler’s Appetite.
May 13- Pat’s Cocktails for Lauir’s party. (Trudi’s sister)
May 20-22nd – Portland, Oregon Bike Festival.
June 2nd @ the Cat Club in Hollywood w/ the Starfuckers.

and looks like we’ll be in Kentucky in July.

2. Why not call the group "Ho-Lotta-Hos" instead? Just kidding! Checking to see if you’re paying attention. Did you ever think about a female tribute to Nelson or Firehouse, and how do you think the world would feel about an all-male tribute to the Go-Gos?

Hey…. My sister Lauri and I (Trudi) are twins… maybe we could start working on the "Nelson" tribute.

Ya know…we just heard of an all Male tribute to the Go-Go’s. Think they’re called the Ga-Ga’s.

Whole Lotta Rosies

Whole Lotta Rosies3. Rate the following Los Angeles-based cover/tribute bands on a scale of 1-10. 1 being a group that shouldn’t bother taking the stage, a 10 being some musicians who could practically stand in the shoes of the originators.

Atomic Punks = 10. We love these guys.
BonFire = Haven’t seen em’, but Steve, AKA "Angus" came to one of our shows and jammed some songs with us.
Valley Dolls = 10. We love Stacy Lipp.
The Iron Maidens = 10. We miss Jenny AKA "Bruce Chickenson" fronting the band, but these girls know how to play. And…. Jenny plays bass for us every so often.
Boogie Nights = 10. These guys pack the clubs every time they play. They’ve been doing it for so long, it just goes to show you what a great show they put on.
Metal Skool = 10. We just caught them at the Canyon club and the show was incredible. We hear the Hype is huge for them right now in Vegas.
AC/Dshe = Haven’t seen them, but we’ve talked to the girls and they’re very cool
Led Zepagain = 10. Swan’s got the performance down to a science.
Alcohollica = Don’t know
Hollywood Roses = is this band still around?

4. Who influenced you to pick up an instrument, and how long have you been playing?

Coreen: My Dad started me singin’ when I was just a baby. I’ve been playing in bands since I was 14.
Whole Lotta RosiesSusan: (lead guitar) My cousin. He was 10 when he started playing the guitar and I thought he was so cool.
Nancy: (fill – in lead guitar) Angus Young. I also loved Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers when I was growing up.
Mel: "Steve Harris, Bob Daisley, Jon Taylor, Cliff Burton. I started playing in college. I used my book money to go buy my bass.
Trudi: my Dad gave me a very old guitar that his Dad gave him. I’m very Rhythm oriented, so I love Rhythm based bands….The Black Crowes, AC/DC ( of course) BuckCherry, (when they were around)
Yumi is in Germany playing shows right now… but we’re just gonna say two of our favorite drummers are Glen Sobel and Ray Luzier

5. Are there any photographs of the band sporting a clearly visible camel toe? If so, can you send them for our readers to see?

laughing. no camel toes. but….there are shots of skirts and shirts being pulled up on stage where you can catch an eyeful.

6. Pick your Poison:

Electric Guitars or Acoustic Guitars = Electric Guitars
Tampons or Mini Pads = Tampons
Guys in bands or guys with jobs = Guys with band jobs
Giving or receiving = giving
Hair spray or hair gel = hair pulling
Bar chords or bar hopping = bar chords 6 days a week . Bar hopping in Hollywood on Thursday nights.
Size matters or size doesn’t matter = yep. Size matters.
Guitar Center or Sam Ash = Guitar Center. Those guys are always really helpful.
Angus Young or Black Angus = Angus Young
Playing a rockstar or banging a rockstar = playing a Rockstar

Whole Lotta Rosies

7. What is your favorite AC/DC song to play live, along with your least favorite and why?

We like Sin City, Dirty Deeds, Walk All Over You, and of course, Whole Lotta Rosie. Ya know…. if we start naming least favorites… we’re gonna never hear the end of it.

8. Name the 3 highest points and the 3 lowest points of the band?s career:

Whole Lotta RosiesHighest points…
Playing Overseas for the troops. Playing with Alice Cooper was a great experience.
Us girls just hanging out before or after a gig…. we have a blast, and actually, every show we play is a highlight.
Lowest points.
1-finding out former WLR musicians/friends were trying to fuck you over behind your
2-finding out former WLR musicians/friends were trying to fuck you over behind your
3-finding out former WLR musicians/friends were trying to fuck you over behind your

9. Have you ever met or jammed with any of the past or present members of AC/DC?

Met Simon Wright and Chris Slade.

10. What are the long term and short term goals for WLR, and do you girls take advantage of the male groupies backstage?

Whole Lotta RosiesWe really hope to get overseas again. We love playing out of the country.

We played Dylan McDermott’s back up band in a movie that was shot last fall and will be out in the summer of 2005.

We have some really cool suprises that we’re currently working on for the summer….

Do we take advantage of Male groupies backstage??? Backstage, Frontstage, under the stage, in the parking lot. guys, you’re in for it!

There you go! Metal Sludge’s CopyCathouse is born. Thanks to the girls in Whole Lotta Rosies for stepping up to the plate and answering our asinine questions!

For more information about Whole Lotta Rosies, check out their official Web site at www.therosiesrock.com.

And don’t forget to drop by Club Vodka this Thursday night, 4/28/05 to check out Whole Lotta Rosies as they kick off Metal Sludge Extravaganza 11. Be there or you suck!

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