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10 Questions with Leigh Silver & Bitter Things, 9/12/03 – From Hollywood, CA


Leigh Silver

This week we’re doing 10 Questions with Leigh Silver and her band Bitter Things. Leigh played our Metal Sludge Extravaganza #5, plus she’s a hottie! We don’t even care if she’s good. She just looks hot and that makes her good! Her voice could sound like Darth Vader and we’d still buy her CDs and go to her shows. But fortunately, she is good so that’s even better! Who knew a chick could be hot and talented?

1. Who are you and where can people find out shit about your band?
my name is leigh silver and i am the lead singer of a rock-punk-alt band called…the bitterthings.
u can find out more about me and the band at bitterthings.com
u can hear the tracks at mp3.com


and u can hear moody on the radio with this link…

It aired for the first time the same day that Surf Girls aired for the first time on MTV.
(all 6 songs were licensed to surf girls on mtv)

2. What exactly is the goal for your band?
complete world domination

3. Other than our questions, what the most insulting thing you?ve had to deal with by being a women in the music industry?
all the guys who have promised to help me get some where if only i would fuck them.
one particular industry big wig guy told me to come over and "lets sign"
..he was sick of seeing someone as talented as me workin the bar at the troub.
well, when i got to his house, the door was open, he was upstairs, and when i walked in..
he was in bed naked.
i hung out for a bit.. clothes on, feet firmly planted on the floor…
but i could not go there.
he’s a pretty big deal..if i was another girl..maybe i could have..
but at the end of the day..
all i got is me.
and i am not for sale.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should be dropped so you guys can take their place?
we think there is room out there for everyone….
we just wanna make friends with u.
we just want u to take us out on tour with u.
we just want your fans to love us.
we just want to love your fans.
we just want to love u
we just wanna party in the back of your tour bus.
wanna take us out on tour?

5. Yes or no, have you ever:
Signed an autograph = yes
Seen the inside of a tour bus = yes
Performed on stage drunk = yes
Told a club owner to fuck off = no
Used a guy to get a free meal and some gifts = yes
Slept in your rehearsal space = no, but i had sex in it once.
Been kicked out of a club = no
Had a one-night stand = yes
Heard your song on the radio = http://leighsilver.com/MP3/leighsilver105fm.mp3
Showed your tits for Mardi Gras beads = no, but i made out with guys for ‘em.

6. What?s the smallest and largest crowd you?ve ever played in front of?
smallest- like 7 people, largest about 500 people

7. You work as a bartender. Any rock stars ever come to your bar and try to deal on you, if so, who are they and what stupid shit have they said?
dude… so many of em from this site ..not from this site…i know.. have known..have slept with..have not slept with…dealt with..played with…4 years at the troub brings a lotta people into my universe. but i think i have love…with all of em…to all the boys i loved before ….(sung)…. i would not play..in any way..with a guy i did not like or respect. if u want private stories i’ll dish some off line…not in print… i’m about livin in the moment. havin a good time + enjoying life. as long as no one gets hurt(especially me)..its all good.

8. What national bands have you guys played with and who was the coolest and who were the biggest dicks?
we played with loaded, fireball ministry, and gnr with shooter from stargunn singing at club vodka..
i’ve played with sex with lurch ..robbie is way cool…
we also played your event with handsome devil and metal shop…

i’ve probably written with or hooked up with bigger people than i have played with. was the question who was the biggest dick..or who had the biggest dick????

9. You played our 5th Metal Sludge Extravaganza. After playing such a huge event, how did you not manage to get signed and end up going triple platinum?
we went on so early and the hordes of screaming fans thought we were headlining…
however i did make some new friends at that event and reject records put out a limited edition christmas sampler after seeing the band at that show.

10. Time for our Word Association:
ok all 3 girls in the band will answer this one:
(my 2 new guitar players names are Abby and Wendy
Wendy is 19 and a little not as cued in to her 80’s rockstars…)



Nikki Sixx = leigh- i loved shout at the devil and too fast for love, i used to draw lines under my eyes so i could be cool like him…and sing shout at the devil to my stuffed animals with an ice cream cone shaped comb(mic shaped-to me at the time)
abby- he has hot thighs in same old situation video,

wendy- nikki who?

Bret Michaels = leigh- used to think he was hot, my friend leah wants to do him, wheres nino?,
abby- synthetic hair,
wendy- i interviewed him once for a school interview for college..i asked his advice on the music business..he said.." strap in and hold on cause its a bumpy ride…." huh huh uh huh(like beavis and butthead) ..he said strap on….

Britney Spears = from: allaccess magazine

LEIGH SILVER, her energy is felt in every song. Full of Life theres no bitter taste only ‘Bitter Things’. Move over Britney, LEIGH SILVER is "HOT" and coming on fast…

abby- tanning bed,
wendy- "a pro tools rig has worked for me, call 1-800 pro tools…."
David Lee Roth = leigh-i used to be a philly girl. the east coast girls are hip..i really dig the styles they wear….
abby- my friend thinks him and cc are the same guy…
wendy-david who?
Jani Lane = leigh- i think i used to think he was hot,
abby- i hear he makes a great fish fry…
wendy- jani- who?
Gwen Stefani = leigh- i have total respect. i think she is rad. i’m more into the old stuff than the new. gavin is hot.
abby- over,
wendy- she’s kinda cute….
Lita Ford = leigh- lita rocks.
abby- i’m down with lita …
wendy–always down with a woman with a guitar

Kid Rock = leigh- way cool pimp daddy.
abby- I love Kid Rock…he’s carrying the torch of the carnivalesque in rock & roll.
wendy-funky crazy cool!

The Donnas = leigh- they rock. maybe we can tour with them someday. that’d be pretty cool….
abby- I’ve been a fan since they were in Jawbreaker.

wendy- always down with chicks who rock.

Gene Simmons = abby- He creeps me out. But I respect his swarthy money grubbing nature. leigh + wendy-lets talk about the tounge… is there any commentary on this site from girls who know any stories about the tounge?

we hope to see u and all your friends at one of our upcoming shows.
stay posted to the website.
and go buy our cd.
available at :
cd baby, mp3, select virgin megastores, looney tunes record store in ny, and the band website
bitterthings loves u long time.
leigh, abby, wendy

Thanks girls for doing our 10 Questions and being hot! For more info on Bitter Things, you can ogle their photos at www.BitterThings.com

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