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10 Questions with Drill 187, 9/5/03 – From Raleigh, NC


Drill 187

Welcome to our first 10 Questions! We’re kicking this off with the only band that we ever gave a good review to in our Rock On The Decline, Drill 187! We thought they’d be a good band to start off 10 Questions with, and their singer Jason answered our stupid questions. He’s the dude that’s kneeling in the picture above, in case you were wondering.

1. Who are you and why should anybody care about your band?
We are DRILL 187, local unsigned heroes of the huge metropolis known as Raleigh, North Carolina….Yee-haw!! As far as anyone caring about who we are…..Well listen up people, you should care because we are going to be the next Heavy Rock/Metal band that takes over the world!!! Haha … No seriously, I think we are a pretty good band, hell you Metal Sludge guys dig us, anyone that wants to check us out should hit our website, http://www.drill187.com and listen to some tunes….Some will dig it, some won’t…..But thats the way it should be, if everyone out there liked exactly the same style of music, it would get pretty boring….Be sure to drop us a line on what you think while you’re there….

2. What exactly is the goal for your band?
Lets see….We have pursued the almighty "major label record deal" for a while now, wanted to tour the world, the whole nine…..Now I think it would be awesome just to be able to tour with the big boys supporting a great record for a little while, have our "15 minutes of fame" you know? Just to know that we were ACTUALLY good enough to play the same stages as our influences and meet as many cool new music fans as possible….

3. We gave you guys a good review in our Rock On The Decline section. How much feedback have you had about that and why haven’t you been signed yet?
The feedback was HUGE, we had like over 7000 hits on our website the month that our new CD review was on the Metal Sludge front page! Who knew right?? As far as getting signed goes, we have turned down 4 indie record deals in the last year and a half, all of them being pretty crappy as far as supporting the development of a young band goes, not worth pursuing at all….We have come to the conclusion that we don’t suck bad enough to land a major deal, since allot the new shit you hear coming out is pretty bad and, dare I say this….ALL SOUNDS THE SAME!!! It’s all about the "flavor of the week" bro, let me know if you are feeling me on these issues…..

Two Sludgettes capture Drill 187

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should be dropped so you guys can take
their place?
Not sure if we should step on any toes here, but oh well, thats what "The Sludge" is all about and its not like we’ll ever really meet these guys anyway…How about that new band Memento?? See previous question for reasoning here…

5. Yes or no, have you ever:
Signed an autograph = I don’t think Steve Plunkett would like it if I started writing on him! Oh, you mean "signed an autograph" like for a fan?? Yes I have
Seen the inside of a tour bus = Yes, once for about 30 seconds before security beat me down..
Told a club owner to fuck off = Absolutely
Fucked a fat chick to get a free meal or some clothes = Damn! I was supposed to get free food and clothes?? Got screwed on that one….
Slept in your rehearsal space = Yep
Been kicked out of a club = Yep
Sold a T-Shirt with your band’s name on it to somebody you don’t know = All our t-shirts have "Drill 187" on them, not "your band’s name", so the answer would be no..Haha(just kidding!) Yes…
Been arrested = Of course, what self respecting musician hasn’t??
Played at least 6 shows in one week = Absolutely
Paid roadies to load your gear = sure, does free beer count as them being paid??

6. What’s the smallest and largest crowd you’ve ever played in front of?
Largest – 2200, smallest – 10/15

7. If you guys could open for one band, who would it be?
Gorky Park!! But since they aren’t touring much anymore, Sevendust or Korn would be righteous…

8. What national bands have you guys played with and who was the coolest and who were the biggest dicks?
Played with: Pantera, Soulfly, Soil, Nothingface, Days of the New, Amen, Doubledrive, COC., etc….The biggest dicks would go hands down to Days of the New, not cool at all….Coolest
would be the guys in Doubledrive and Nothingface…very down to earth and hung out and partied with us, I’ve got some great blackmail worthy pictures and video to prove it!!

9. Do you guys really think you have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever amounting to anything? With the sorry state of the music biz these days, probably not….Doesn’t mean we will stop trying and I think we’ll have amounted to plenty in the eyes of our close friends and fans, that’s enough
for me….

10. Time for our Word Association:
Motley Crue = Shout at the Devil baby!
Warrant = the mowhawk gimmick just didn’t work…
Fred Durst = Did it all for the nookie…..and the money, personally, I’m not a fan but he knows his shit
Godsmack = Can you say "rip-off"??? (details withheld for legal reasons)
Ozzy Osbourne = Godfather of all that is metal!
Phil Anselmo = Most influential singer of the genre
Metallica = Not touching this one….You KNOW what all us "old school" Metallica fans think
Kid Rock = Knows what the people want to hear and rocks it out hard in concert
Sebastian Bach = I know you guys don’t like him but has an AMAZING voice
Gene Simmons = Smartest man in showbiz

Thanks a ton Sludge, enjoyed the hell out of it….And to all the Sludge people, hope we can meet you all on tour if we ever land that almighty record deal!! Support local music!!

Jason L. – vocals – DRILL 187

Now after a good Rock On The Decline review, and now these 10 Questions, if Drill 187 doesn’t get a deal outta this, then we’re gonna have to get nasty. Don’t make us get nasty.

For more info on Drill 187, you can visit www.Drill187.com!

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