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9/1 Happy 7th Fucking Birthday to Metal Sludge!

9/1 Happy 7th Fucking Birthday to Metal Sludge!


That’s right folks. Metal Sludge is 7 today, and it feels good to be a year older and a year wiser.

For the better part of a decade Metal Sludge has been on the World Wide Web and spreading a message. That message is that rock n’ roll, heavy metal, glam rock, hair bands or whatever category you want to call it – still kicks ass.

Of course all of us here at Metal Sludge love all of the bands, it’s just that a few members of these groups sometimes forget that they are human. And then they unfortunately (for themselves and those surrounding them) act like idiots, ass holes and morons. That’s when Metal Sludge steps in and shines the flash light on them.

What’s that old saying: "everyone loves a train wreck, or a car crash."

Either way, even if Metal Sludge itself is being looked at like a train wreck or car crash, it’s all good. We have not set out to do anything other than what we wanted to. What that is, we’re not completely sure. But we hope that we have somehow provided you with a laugh or any reaction at all to what you’ve experienced with the site.

Warning: There will be more from XM Radio, more Extravaganzas, Sludgendise, Hey that’s what I Call Sludge – Vol. II and several other goodies for you in the future.

It’s not just a Web Site anymore. It’s a way of life.

Please remember to not drink and drive, wear a condom, and always be sure to wipe to completion before pulling up your pants.

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