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METAL SLUDGE AUDIOThat’s right, Metal Sludge has finally figured out how to have audio on our website.  Metal Sludge is the first website on the net to use something called Real Audio.  This has NEVER been done before!!!  All you do is click the link, and BAM, you can listen to Sebitchian Bach, Ted Nugent talk shit about Rikki Rockett, or Jamie Rowe sing about Jani Lane working in a kitchen!  Now most of you are probably saying, "What is Real Audio?  You mean I can listen to things over the net?  What a concept!  How did you do it?"  Well, we at Metal Sludge are way more advanced than any other website, and we keep striving to be the best we can be.  First you are going to have to download the Real Player, and then you can listen to it.  Most computers come with it, but in case you got the shaft and don’t have it, you can buy it for $30.  There is also a free version too.  If you are really a stingy ass, go to some Warez sites and you can probably snag a copy.  Not that we would EVER encourage somebody to not pay for something!  For more info and shit, click the box below. For those of you too stupid to download Real Player, we’ve also included a brand new technology called MP3’s!!! Now onto the goods!

The Sebitchian Bach Interviews!

THE SEBITCHIAN BACH TAPES This first interview was conducted by Jeffrey Rappaport for Metal Rules Magazine back in late November of 1999.  You can read our comments about it and check out some of the transcript at http://www.metal-sludge.com/FUAwardBach.htm.  Now you can ...

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Zakk Wylde Threatens Interviewer! 8/22/02

  ZAKK WYLDE THREATENS INTERVIEWER! Rock stars snapping is something we all look forward to here at Metal Sludge. It makes for good posts! This time it’s not Sebitchian who’s threatening a interviewer, it’s Zakk Wylde. On Monday, August 19th, ...

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