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Super Balls Archive

 SUPER BALLS AWARD ARCHIVEThe Super Balls AwardWelcome to our Super Balls Archive!The Super Balls Award is given out to those who posses Super Balls and aren’t afraid of laying it all out there. It’s not given out that often so those that have won it should feel proud of their Super Balls and let them hang with pride!The following is the list of all the Super Balls Award winners. These people are, without a doubt, the shit! Respect these people. Give them your love.

20 Questions with Dee Snider, 1/7/03


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off 2003 than with somebody we’ve wanted to do 20 Questions with since we started the page. It’s none other than the man ...

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Iann Robinson, 8/5/02


  IANN ROBINSON WINS THE METAL SLUDGE SUPER BALLS AWARD!Iann Robinson After we did Iann Robinson’s 20 Questions last week, the response was pretty big, just like Iann. Here are a variety of emails we got on it. Give Ian ...

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20 Questions With Bam Bam, 5/30/02

20 QUESTIONS WITH… Sebastian Bach Drummer Mark "Bam Bam" McConnell It’s not Sebastian Bach, but it’s about as close as we’ve come to getting him! It’s his drummer, Bam Bam. He’s been playing on and off with Sebastian since their ...

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Stevie Rachelle, 6/29/01


 SUPER BALLS AWARD & WASP GUESTBOOK FUN! Stevie Rachelle talking shit at our Metal Sludge Party, June 27, 2001 Whether you like Stevie Rachelle or not, you have to admit his email he sent us yesterday was one of the most honest ...

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Scott Ian, 3/24/01


  SCOTT IAN WINS THE SUPER BALLS AWARD! Just a day after we asked Scott Ian in his Rewind if he was ever going to wear a Metal Sludge shirt on VH-1’s Rock Show, he came through and did it! ...

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Jani Lane, 1/21/01


  THE SUPER BALLS AWARD Are you ready for this?  Jani Lane is getting a Super Balls Award….and it has nothing to do with him doing 27 Questions. Then why is Jani getting a Super Balls Award? Because he wore ...

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