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THE METAL SLUDGE TOUR OF L.A!Over the years, we’ve been asked, "where do you recommend I go when I go to L.A?" As if we’re some fucking tour guide! And if you do go to L.A. and buy one of those maps to the stars home, you won’t find too many locations that might be of interest to Sludgeaholics. So we thought we’d put together the "Metal Sludge L.A. Tour Guide." We listed some typical locations you might already know about as well as some totally obscure stuff nobody probably cares about. That way, next time you visit L.A. for one of our Metal Sludge Xtravaganzas you can check out some of these places. See, we’re doing it all for you!NOTICE: Celebrity homes are private residences – it is requested that you do not enter onto the premises or intrude on their privacy. You may be subject to criminal prosecution for doing so. Please respect the rights of others! The addresses listed here were obtained from public records. They should not be used for mailing purposes. Mail to specific celebrities should be directed to their agents, publicists or production companies. Also, some of the addresses listed here are the former homes of various rock stars. Don’t be an asshole! Do not bother the current people who live in these homes either! If you’re a "rock star" and have a location we should add to our Tour Guide, email us and let us know. And even if you aren’t a "rock star" but have a good location for us, send it to [email protected].  We’ll try to list these items in somewhat of an order. You’re best off following our stupid tour with a map. We would have made our own but we’re not that motivated.

Sludge LA Tour Guide

 Updated 11/9: Birth place of Tenacious D Any tour of L.A. should start off with….. The Hollywood SignThe most famous location in Hollywood. Alice Cooper donated $28,000 for the "O" and Jizzy Pearl hung himself from the "Y" in 1994. ...

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