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Sludge Scans

Hey, I’m Lita Love, and here are some of the latest Sludge Scans, or as they say in the business, Sound Scans.  Sound Scan only started in 1991, so some of these releases are only counting sales from 1991 till today.  
The bands listed below are some of the requests we’ve gotten.  Now for once, you can see what bands are selling and which bands are bombing!
SLUDGE SCAN NOTES – Read This Stuff First!
Some of you might see some numbers and say, "But so and so went Gold and you don’t have them listed as such."  Well certifications (such as Gold and Platinum) are based on shipments to retail accounts from the label, not actual over the counter sales.  The figures I get come from Soundscan, which is the recognized source for ACTUAL sales to consumers. 
Many of the stores that report to Soundscan are weighted in order to make up for those that don’t have Soundscan.  For example, let’s assume Tower Records Las Vegas is weighted 9 times.  That means that if some knucklehead walks in and buys 1 copy of Slaughter’s "Back To Reality", it counts for 9 albums sold in Soundscan.  I believe this more than makes up for the mom and pop stores that don’t report.  The system is not perfect, but it’s the recognized industry source for actual sales.  After all, this is what the Billboard charts are based on.
There is no website or magazine I’m getting this info from.  You can only get it if you have access to the Sludge Scan computer.  Basically, you have to be in the business.  And as far as I know, Metal Sludge is the only website spitting out Sound Scan numbers.  Worship us!
These figures are for the U.S. only.  
Send all requests or questions to SludgeScan@metal-sludge.com
Please be reasonable when asking for a request.  If you want a band’s album looked up, give me the title.  Don’t just say, "Hey, I want you to do some Metallica."  If you are too lazy to give me the title, I’m too lazy to look if up for you.  So give me the titles.  
* Means total is only counting since Soundscan went into affect in the middle / late part of 1991.  


Sludge Scan For May 2000

  As Of May 3, 2000 Sebitchian Bach "Bring ‘Em Bach Alive" 10,025 Black Label Society "Stronger Than Death"  5,717 BulletBoys "Burning Cats And Amputees" 340 Creed "Human Clay" 3,156,072 Hair Of The Dog "Rise" 1,310 Kittie "Spit" 236,473 Love/Hate ...

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Sludge Scan For April 2000

  As Of April 5, 2000 Here are some quick Wednesday morning soundscans. Armored Saint "Revelations" 5,128 Sebastian Bach "Bring ‘Em Bach Alive" 9,008 Bloodhound Gang "Hooray For Babies" 374,670 Guns N’ Roses "Live Era 1987-93" 403,978 L.A. Guns "Live" ...

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Sludge Scan For March 2000

Occasionally I get some mail asking me a question.  For example, here is a question. "I remember reading somewhere that platinum used to signify 2 million units sold and gold signified 1 million. Then supposedly the music industry became much ...

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Sludge Scan For February 2000

  As Of February 11, 2000 Sebastian Bach  "Bring ‘Em Bach Alive" 6,374 Dope  "Felons & Revolutionaries" 62,896 Godsmack 1,728,879 Kid Rock  "Devil Without A Cause" 4,765,348 Korn  "Issues" 2,112,609 Lit  "Tripping The Light Fantastic"   Reissue, 11/28/99 1,280 11,729 ...

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Sludge Scan For January 2000

  Happy New Year! As Of January 5, 2000. Sebastian Bach "Bring Em Bach Alive" 4,735               Guns N’ Roses "Live Era – ’87-’93" 278,059            Methods Of Mayhem 159,438           Motley Crue "Entertainment Or Death" 70,432 Sebastian Bach sold 493 CDs last ...

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Sludge Scan For December 1999

  As Of December 10, 1999 Anthrax "Return Of The Killer A’s" 4,424 Sebitchian Bach  "Bring ‘Em Bach Alive" 2,785 Blackfoot "Rattlesnake Rock N’Roll: Best Of" 56,366 Guns N’ Roses "Live Era ’87 -’93" 60,814 Manowar "Triumph Of Steel" 87,580 ...

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