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 Welcome to Metal Sludge Exposed. There is a 2-step formula we’ll be using for this new section. 1. Find a big ‘star’ and then,2. Expose their past!It’s similar to what Metal Edge use to do with their baby photos feature called “The Way They Were” back in the day, or what VH-1 does now with “Before They Were Rock Stars.” The only difference is that bands contributed to “The Way They Were” and “Before They Were Rock Stars,” so they’ll only show you what they want you to see. With Metal Sludge Exposed, we control what you’ll see, not the bands!You see there are a lot of current ‘stars’ in the industry who seem to have forgotten where they came from. Fortunately, we at Metal Sludge, and you, the Sludgeaholics, have not forgotten. So every so often when we feel it’s time, we will execute the proper Exposing accordingly. We will also drop some bitch slaps on those ‘stars’ who might not have instigated it with denial and bullshit, but just for shits n’ giggles. You know, putting up embarrassing photos because we’re dicks. Lets face it, everybody has embarassing photos laying around somewhere. And most of it will just be of old ass shit you have never seen before. Stuff that is really rare and worth sharing. So for you collectors, you’ll enjoy this section! We currently have an ass load of ammunition just waiting to be shelled out. However, we are always looking for more. This is where you, the Sludgeaholic, comes in! Do you have photos of an old friend, band mate, or an old lover who is now a ‘big star’? Have they shit on you for the fame and fortune of the Hollywood Hills? Did he dump you for some slut with bigger implants? No worries, we have your back and then some. Please forward all photos and of course some details to exposed@metal-sludge.com.Here are a few bands we are looking to expose. If you can help us out, send the pics to the email address above.Any Nu-Metal bands with big hair Yearbook Photos! Everyone went to high school at one point or another, so we’re looking for old ass yearbook photos of rock stars.Everybody has a past, and with Metal Sludge Exposed, we’re sharing that with the world!The Sludge Exposed Galleries



  THE OSBOURNES EXPOSED! Ozzy looks like he’s going to bite the head off one of those preschoolers!   Sharon & Ozzy from the early 80’s. Is it our imagination, or does Sharon look well into her 40’s already?

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  MURDERDOLLS / DOPE EXPOSED! Virus, from Dope, looking like he’s straight out of an ad for the Metal Method guitar series Since Dope and Murderdolls have shared members a few times, we thought we’d just lump them both together. ...

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  SEVENDUST / STEREOMUD EXPOSED! The guy sitting on the right with the bigass Timex, or whatever, is Clint Lowery (Sevendust), the guy standing on the left is Corey Lowery (ex-Stuck Mojo, Stereomud) and the two guys standing in the ...

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  INCUBUS EXPOSED!Incubus singer Brandon Boyd with Best Hair from his High School yearbook Like most short hair rockers today, Incubus singer Brandon Boyd was once a longhair. These photos from his High School yearbook show Brandon showing off his ...

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  METALLICA EXPOSED! James’ Exposed teeth and gums in need of 1-800-Dentist Male bonding at its finest   Here’s some Metallica pics from way back in the day. These were all taken around 1982 and early ’83. Welcome to the ...

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AVRIL LAVIGNE EXPOSED! Avril – Grade 9, 1998-1999 No, she’s not metal but we couldn’t pass up these photos. Here’s the "anti-Britney" looking all wholesome and nice. In fact, she’s actually smiling! How punk of her. Grade 10, 1999-2000 Grade ...

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