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3/4 of Pretty Boy Floyd quits! 6/29/05

3/4 OF PRETTY BOY FLOYD QUITS!Peppermint Creeps throw a tantrum on the Internet There was some sort of Pretty Boy Floyd drama going down last night. It took us a while to understand it, but this is what we were ...

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Jani Lane Show Reviews, 6/9/05

  JANI LANE + SNAPPLE LADY = Train Train wreck?The very best of friends? Jani Lane kisses Stevie Rachelle at the Rainbow Bar & Grill. What could we possibly add to this? Nothing, it’s all right here already. What the ...

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Peter Steele Not Dead, 5/14/05

  PETER STEELE ISN’T DEAD!The World Sighs in Relief Looks like the rampant rumors suggesting that Peter Steele croaked yesterday were exactly that: rampant rumors. Blabbermouth.net posted the following today: TYPE O NEGATIVE’s PETER STEELE Is Not Dead – May ...

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Peter Steele: 1962-2005?, 5/13/05

  PETER STEELE OF TYPE O NEGATIVE1962 – 2005? Rumors have been flying around tonight about something that appears on Type O Negative’s official Web site at www.typeonegative.net. The site is currently being bombarded with hits so it’s really slow, ...

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