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20 Questions

Metal Sludge’s famous 20 Questions!

20 Questions With Jeff Pilson, 2/8/00

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Dokken’s Bass Player Jeff Pilson This week’s 20 Questions is the first of 3 interviews we are doing with the guys from Dokken.  Jeff is first, then ex-guitarist George Lynch will be up in about 2 ...

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20 Questions With Butch Walker, 2/1/00

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… The Marvelous 3’s Butch Walker This week’s 20 Questions is with Butch Walker.  You old school metal freaks will remember Butch as the guitarist for Southgang.   Well he’s still playing guitar but he’s also singing now ...

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20 Questions With Joe Lynn Turner, 1/25/00

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Joe Lynn Turner You know, lets just start off by saying there aren’t a whole lot of Joe Lynn Turner photos floating around the internet that are of a decent size.  They are all these little ...

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20 Questions With Steve West, 1/11/00


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Danger Danger Drummer Steve West This week’s 20 Questions is with Steve West.  A few months back we interviewed Danger Danger bass player Bruno Ravel, and before that we interviewed former singer Ted Poley.   That means ...

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20 Questions With Mitch Allan, 1/9/00


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… SR-71 Singer Mitch Allan For those of you who still bother to watch MTV, you might have seen SR-71’s video for "Right Now" in rotation over the last few months. They also had a shit load ...

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