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20 Questions

Metal Sludge’s famous 20 Questions!

20 Questions With Dan Dryden, 7/17/01


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Stuck Mojo/Fozzy/Sick Speed Bass Player Dan Dryden This week we are talking to Dan Dryden, who is a big time Sludgeaholic. Dan played bass in Stuck Mojo, he’s in Fozzy, and he’s also in a band ...

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20 Questions With Nicholas Wash, 7/10/01


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Slik Toxik Singer Nicholas Walsh This week we’re talking to the former lead singer of Slik Toxik! It doesn’t get any bigger than that. Here’s a brief history lesson for those of you who aren’t Slik ...

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20 Question With Bianca Butthole, 7/3/01


  20 QUESTIONS…. Betty Blowtorch Singer/Bass Player Bianca Butthole Now you might be saying, "Who’s Betty Blowtorch?" Well Bastard Boy Floyd discovered them because he finds all the new and interested stuff. Lets go over their names first. The singer/bass ...

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