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Metal Sludge’s famous 20 Questions!

20 Questions with Breaking Point, 8/13/02

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Breaking Point Guitarist Justin & Drummer Jody with Arkansas Cracker! This is the first 20 Questions where we actually interview two people at once! It’s with Wind-Up Recording Artist Breaking Point, who do the entrance music ...

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20 Questions with Sum 41′s Brown Sound, 8/6/02

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Sum 41 Guitarist Dave Baksh A few weeks ago, we got the following email from Dave:"Hey I’m Dave Brownsound from sum41 I love this site. I got told about it by Butch Walker and think it’s ...

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20 Questions with Iann Robinson, 7/30/02

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… MTV’S Iann Robinson How could we not do 20 Questions with the man who has worn our Metal Sludge shirt on MTV twice (and worn two different styles) and is also the only metal guy left ...

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20 Questions with Brand New Sin, 7/23/02

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Brand New Sin Guitar Player Slider Brand New Sin is a new band that recently had the #1 Metal album in the US, according to the Album Network. They’ve also recently toured with Motorhead and are ...

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20 Questions with Tom Morello, 7/16/02

    20 QUESTIONS WITH… Rage Against The Machine Guitarist Tom Morello Last week Tom emailed Donna Anderson and wrote, "This is Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine and a friend of mine just turned me on to your ...

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Metal Sludge Invades Rock Fest Tour, 7/9/02

METAL SLUDGE INVADES METAL EDGE’S ROCK FEST TOUR! "Mr Fit & Trim" Jani Lane with Jim Bob Dwarf! Instead of our typical 20 Questions, we’re doing a total of 97 Questions today! On July 3rd, we sent everybody’s favorite interviewer, ...

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