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20 Questions

Metal Sludge’s famous 20 Questions!

20 Questions with Jan Kuehnemund, 11/9/04


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Vixen guitarist JAN KUEHNEMUND! In the 6 years or so since Metal Sludge first debuted, we hadn’t ever interviewed anyone from Vixen… until this year! We first did 20 Questions with former Vixen drummer Roxy Petrucci ...

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20 Questions with A. Product, 11/2/04


  20 QUESTIONS WITH…Rock ‘n’ Roll Party presidential candidate A. PRODUCT! A few weeks ago, we posted a SludgeWire in which we commented on a rather bizarre press release we got. It was something about AntiProduct frontman A. Product running ...

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20 Questions with Glenn Hughes, 10/19/04


  20 QUESTIONS WITH…Singer/Bassist Extraordinaire GLENN HUGHES! Glenn Hughes is a man who really needs no introduction, but it would be impolite of us not to give him a proper one. He’s a well respected singer/bassist whose career has spanned ...

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20 Questions with Matt Mercado, 10/12/04


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Supermercado / former Mind Bomb singer MATT MERCADO Right now you’re probably sitting there asking yourself, "just who in the fuck is Matt Mercado?" That’s actually a very good question. Well, today’s your lucky day, Skippy, ...

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20 Questions with Alexx Micheal, 10/8/02

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Alexx Michael from Shameless Now a few of you are probably going, "Who the fuck is this?" Well, Alexx is a dude from Germany who’s put out a few CDs over the years featuring everybody from ...

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