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20 Questions

Metal Sludge’s famous 20 Questions!

Guns N’ Roses X-Manager Alan Niven Tell All-Part 2


Exclusive Interview with Alan Niven Part 2 of 3
By: Gerry Gittelson

"So the next thing I did, I had the rest of the band fly out to Detroit for the first date 'of the Aerosmith tour', all our gear, everything. Axl had no choice, he had to do it. He was really mad at me. He didn’t talk to me for a long time after that." Alan Niven

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Guns N’ Roses Former Manager Alan Niven Tells All!


Exclusive Interview with Alan Niven Part 1 of 3
By: Gerry Gittelson

Alan on Motley Crue's debut "Too Fast For Love"
"It's a delighful trainwreck!"

Alan on his 1st visit to Guns N' Roses house for a meeting:
"As I approached the front door, there was a broken toilet, a shitter, right by the front door. It was all in pieces."

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Sebastian Bach “I was 100% FIRED from Skid Row.”


“I went to go see Foreigner and Journey and it was really weird to me because Foreigner had ZERO members of Foreigner in it that night.  There was like 20, 000 people and they all have their fists in the air going “FOREIGNER!!!” and I was just like “What the FUCK????”

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Everything Guns N’ Roses “Reckless Road” Marc Canter


"Axl hasn’t been here in about two years. We had a little falling out because he did not want me to put the book out until after “Chinese Democracy” came out. He had told me that, so he’s a little disappointed in me. We’re not enemies or anything like that, but we do have a few things to talk about about because he’s upset over a couple of issues."

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