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Metal Sludge’s Rewind!

Rewind With Chris Jericho, 9/21/00


  METAL SLUDGE REWIND WITH… WWF Superstar Chris Jericho Y2J is back at Metal Sludge!  We lasted talked to Chris on August 17, 1999.  At that time Chris was just joining the WWF, but soon after our 21 Questions with ...

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Rewind With Ginger, 8/10/00

  METAL SLUDGE REWIND WITH… Former Wildhearts & Current Silver Ginger 5 Singer Ginger We last talked to Ginger on July 27, 1999.  He’s not a shy bloke and is always one to speak his mind, and this Rewind is ...

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Rewind With Bill Leverty, 6/22/00

  METAL SLUDGE REWIND WITH… Firehouse Guitarist Bill Leverty We lasted talked to Bill on April 17, 1999.  So it was about time we talked to him again, ask him some stupid questions, and find out what was up with ...

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Rewind with Kendra Jade, 6/1/00


   METAL SLUDGE REWIND WITH… Kendra Jade   Welcome to another Rewind, and since this is Porn Week at Metal Sludge, what better person to do a Rewind with than Kendra Jade! We first talked to Kendra exactly one year ago ...

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Rewind with Jizzy Pearl, 5/18/00


    METAL SLUDGE REWIND WITH… Love/Hate singer Jizzy Pearl!   We last did 20 Questions withKing Jizzo on May, 3, 1999. This time around, Jizzy makes an announcement about Love/Hate and plus some other shit. Enjoy! 1. What are you ...

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Rewind with Rikki Rockett, 4/20/00

  METAL SLUDGE REWIND WITH…Poison’s Rikki Rockett We last talked to Rikki Rockett on March 27, 1999.  Rikki has been a long time Sludgeaholic and has a good sense of humor, which you’ll be able to see in his Rewind ...

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