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Pussy List

THE METAL SLUDGE PUSSY LIST!THOSE WHO DON’T HAVE THE BALLS!People frequently email and say, "Hey, how come you haven’t done any 20 Questions with so-and-so ya fucking lazy bastards!" Well, we try, but not everyone we e-mail agrees. In fact, most of them puss out. So we decided to create a list of all the "metal stars" who have either turned us down for an interview or haven’t responded. They are listed in yellow, since that is what they have running down their back.We’ve had a few "metal stars" email us and say that they saw their name on our list but never got our emails. Well we did send everybody on this list an email, but sometimes shit happens and shit gets lost. So if you’re a "metal star" and you see your name on the list and you didn’t receive our e-mail, then contact us and let us know you’re not a pussy. Otherwise, your name will be listed on our list of pussies. As of 6/15/05 we added Torstein Flakne, Hugo, Eric Klaastad, and Marilyn Manson. For those "metal stars" who puss’d out, we also posted the questions they wouldn’t answer!  Click on the links to see the questions that were too brutally offensive or not important enough for these "metal stars" to spend time answering. Below are all questions but to view the full list, CLICK THE METAL SLUDGE PUSSY LIST!

Bill Aucoin / Ex-Kiss Manager

  PUSSY LIST – BILL AUCOIN This is probably the first time Bill Aucoin has been on any list with the word Pussy in it. Anyway, a band named Sixty-10 came to us and wanted to do 20 Questions with ...

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Joey Belladonna / Ex-Anthrax

  PUSSY LIST – JOEY BELLADONNA On September 5th, 2003, we got the following email: Hi! It’s Joey Belladonna. What’s up? I’ll be glad to do the 20 questions anytime. Feel free to e-mail me back and/or stay in touch. ...

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Frank Bello / Anthrax

PUSSY LIST – FRANK BELLO This is disappointing. We’ve been good to Anthrax over the years and have basically done 20 Questions with almost anybody who’s been in the band, from past to present. So when Anthrax’s webmaster and Mat ...

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Gary Cherone / Ex-Van Halen, Extreme

  PUSSY LIST – GARY CHERONE On March 14, 2003, we received the following email from our contact at Spitfire Records."Hi there,Gary Cherone is ready, willing and able to do an interview with Metal Sludge. In fact, he can do ...

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Juan Croucier / Ex-Ratt

  PUSSY LIST – JUAN CROUCIER   Shit like this pisses us off. RULE #1: If you are an "ex-rock star" who has nothing going on, and you email us wanting to do 20 Questions, then you have no excuse ...

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