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Idiots Of The Web, Volume 1

  IDIOTS OF THE WEB Volume 1 You know, I visit a few other sites on the web and the amount of stupidity I come across is mind blowing. Deaf one eyed mongoloids have more of a clue than some ...

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  BLAS ELIAS IS SO STUPID…. Welcome to the latest fad that will soon be spreading across the country like syphilis on Warrant’s tourbus. It’s called "Blas Elias Is So Stupid…" It’s kind of like the Your Momma game, also ...

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Ask the Stars 7 – Ozzy Stillbourne

Ask the Stars!

with Hey there Rock Star! Getting straight to the point……My husband is one of those people that thinks if your going to cover domestic violence on women you have to cover it on men. If your going to do a ...

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