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  BUCKCHERRY EXPOSED! Josh Todd of Buckcherry You know them as Buckcherry. Well actually, you’ll know them as "dropped" pretty soon. Anyway, back in 1992 they were called SlamHound and were just another band on the strip. The dude up ...

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Sludge Scans For August 2002

  As of August 19, 2002 Brand New Sin 4,931 Breaking Point "Coming Of Age" 13,727 Black Label Socity "Sonic Brew" 59,343 Black Label Society "Stronger Than Death" 59,829 Black Label Society "1919 Eternal" 46,031 Def Leppard "X" 99,824 Dio ...

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Iann Robinson, 8/5/02


  IANN ROBINSON WINS THE METAL SLUDGE SUPER BALLS AWARD!Iann Robinson After we did Iann Robinson’s 20 Questions last week, the response was pretty big, just like Iann. Here are a variety of emails we got on it. Give Ian ...

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