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   MIKE TRAMP EXPOSED! "When The Children Cry!"   We’ve put up some pretty gay looking Exposed photos in the past, but these Mike Tramp photos hold their own with the best of them. This is Mike in his late ...

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Rotten Roundup for February 2005, 2/28/05

1  METAL SLUDGE’S ROTTEN ROUNDUP! Welcome to Metal Sludge’s Rotten Roundup for February 2005! Each month, we ask one ridiculous question to a random assortment of ‘rock stars’ and Metal Sludge celebrities, and then we’ll post all their answers here ...

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  SLAYER EXPOSED! Check out this flyer for Slayer from 1982! The Heavy Metal Nightmare Begins? Really? Lets take a closer look… What is this, a Journey video? What’s up with the drummer looking like he’s drumming on an invisible ...

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E-mail of the Week for 2/11/05

CC Banana On Air

  E-MAIL OF THE WEEK! This should really be callled ‘e-mail of the year’ because that’s how long it’s been since we’ve posted an e-mail of the week! Anyhow, the other day we reported that our 2003 Sludgeaholic of the ...

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