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20 Questions with Michael Monroe, 3/2/04


   20 QUESTIONS WITH… Hanoi Rocks Singer Michael Monroe   For you younger Sludgeaholics, Hanoi Rocks was a band fron Finland and in the early part of the 80s, they looked like they were going to be the next big ...

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20 Questions with Roxy Petrucci, 2/24/04


   20 QUESTIONS WITH Vixen Drummer Roxy Petrucci   After all this time, Metal Sludge has never done 20 Questions with anybody from Vixen. Well we had to do something about that, and now we have. This week we’re talking ...

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20 Questions with Jeff Caughron, 2/17/04


   20 QUESTIONS WITH… Every Mother’s Nightmare Guitarist Jeff Caughron   Every Mother’s Nightmare was supposed to play our MSE 8 show on January 30th but they had to pull out at the last minute because their manager ripped them ...

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20 Questions with Heidi Mark, 2/11/03


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Actress & Vince Neil’s Ex-Wife Heidi Mark As our special Valentine gift to our Sludgeaholics, we are giving you a Super Balls worthy 20 Questions with Heidi Mark!   METAL SLUDGE SUPER BALLS AWARD! That’s right, ...

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20 Questions with Andrew Elt, 2/10/04


   20 QUESTIONS WITH Sleeze Beez singer Andrew Elt   This week we’re talking to somebody who actually put in some effort to his answers and can properly spell, and he’s not even American! It’s Andrew Elt from Sleeze Beez. ...

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