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20 Questions with Tod “T” Burr, 8/9/05

  20 QUESTIONS WITH…TUFF / FASTBACK / drum whore extraordinaire TOD "T" BURR! We’ve admittedly done some big ass interviews this year. As you may be aware, we’re guilty of harassing huge names like Geezer Butler, Henry Rollins, and even ...

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Rewind with Michael Thomas, 7/28/05


  REWIND WITH… FASTBACK frontman MICHAEL THOMAS! For those of you who are wondering who the fuck Michael Thomas is, he’s rapidly becoming the new Keri Kelli! Let us give you a quick rundown of the various bands Michael’s played ...

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20 Questions with Corky Gunn, 7/26/05

  20 QUESTIONS WITH…SWEET PAIN singer CORKY GUNN! In honor of our upcoming MSX II – Midwest Tour, we give you 20 Questions with none other than Corky Gunn!! Now, if you’re asking yourself questions like, "Who the fuck is ...

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20 Questions with Jeff Loomis, 7/19/05

  20 QUESTIONS WITH…NEVERMORE guitarist JEFF LOOMIS! Jeff Loomis might not be a household name to fans of glam rock or more mainstream hair bands, but in the world of progressive metal, he’s an icon! What exactly is progressive metal? ...

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