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Original GnR Manager Vicky Hamilton Tell All Interview


"Axl had come to my house six months earlier looking for couch to crash on for a night or two, and it ended up being six months. He was in trouble with the cops, something about a rape accusation that was not true, with a girl named Michelle, and her mother was involved, kind of a tag team. That’s where the song “My Michelle” comes from."

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“Live and Let Die” Former Guns N’ Roses Manager Tells All.


Exclusive Interview with Alan Niven Part 3 of 3
By: Gerry Gittelson

"I was in the Meadowlands, in New Jersey, in 1991. I got a phone call in the production office. It was Axl. He very quietly said, “I can’t work with you anymore.” I said, “Sorry to hear that. I’ll be back in Los Angeles in two days, let’s go out and have dinner together and talk about it.” That was the last time I ever spoke to him. To this day, we’ve never spoken a word to each other." Alan Niven

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