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20 Questions with Tony Montana, 10/5/99


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Former Great White Bassist, The Real Tony Montana! Ok, here we go again.  This time, it’s the REAL Tony Montana.  Last month we got fooled and interviewed some stupid fuck who pretended he was Tony.  However, ...

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20 Questions with David Michael-Philips, 9/28/99


  20 QUESTIONS WITH David Michael-Philips from King Kobra! That’s right, it’s David Michael-Philips!  The one and only David Michael-Philips!!  For those of you who don’t know who King Kobra is, then you should be ashamed of yourself!  King Kobra ...

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20 Questions with Bruce Kulick, 9/21/99

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Ex-Kiss and Current Union Guitarist Bruce Kulick This week’s interview is with Bruce Kulick.  Bruce sent back his interview today, so that means we can keep our interview streak alive!  We’ve been giving Sludgeaholics quality interviews ...

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20 Questions with Riki Rachtman, 9/14/99


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Riki Rachtman This week’s interview is with Riki Rachtman, former host of MTV’s Headbangers Ball, occasional Love Line host, and master of many other occupations.  We think this is a pretty cool interview, cause unlike some, ...

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20 Questions with Paul Gargano, 9/1/99

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Metal Edge Editor Paul Gargano! That’s right, after 4 weeks of clues, speculation, and rumor, our Huge Ass Mystery Interview is none other than the current and reigning Editor Of Metal Edge, Paul Gargano!  What better ...

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21 Questions with Chris Jericho, 8/17/99


  21 QUESTIONS WITH… The World Wrestling Federation’s Chris Jericho! The other day we got an email from Chris Jericho that said, "This is Chris Jericho from the WWF.  I get a kick out of your site and would love ...

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