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20 Questions with Mick Sweda, 11/9/99


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… BulletBoys Guitarist Mick Sweda This week’s 20 Questions is with BulletBoys guitarist Mick Sweda.  Mick was also in King Kobra way back in the day, but you can read about that shit in our 20 Questions ...

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20 Questions with Jason McMaster, 11/2/99


  20 QUESTIONS WITH Dangerous Toys Frontman Jason McMaster You have to feel sorry for Jason McMaster.  No, not because he’s in Dangerous Toys, but because he had to suffer through out 20 Questions twice.  That’s two times, two times, ...

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20 Questions with Matt Zane, 10/26/99


  20 QUESTIONS WITH.. | Society 1 Frontman, Porn Director and Actor, Matt Zane This weeks 20 Questions is with Matt Zane.  He’s been featured in Rolling Stone, Spin Magazine, and Details Magazine, and now he’s hit the big time ...

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20 Questions with Stuart Smith, 10/19/99

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Stuart Smith Now some of you might be saying, "Who the hell is Stuart Smith?"  Well, before you read this, you might want to read freelance reporter Dick Encyder’s review of Stuart’s album in our Album ...

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20 Questions with Bruno Ravel, 10/12/99


  20 QUESTIONS WITH... Danger Danger Bassist Bruno Ravel This week’s interview is with Bruno Ravel, without a doubt the world’s greatest bass player!!  Bruno was the first "rock star" to actually send us some pictures to go along with ...

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20 Questions with Tony Montana, 10/5/99


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Former Great White Bassist, The Real Tony Montana! Ok, here we go again.  This time, it’s the REAL Tony Montana.  Last month we got fooled and interviewed some stupid fuck who pretended he was Tony.  However, ...

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